US State Department Blueprint to Oust Duterte Leaked by US Embassy Insider Resurface Anew

n alleged US State Department Blueprint to Oust Duterte leaked by a United States Embassy Insider resurface anew on social media after prominent personalities like former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan shared the controversial article on his social media page.

Based upon the article written by the Covert GeoPolitics website, the elaborate blueprint to dislodge Pres. Duterte, has emerged through the Manila Times, one of the Philippines oldest and well-respected newspaper.

The controversial Oust Duterte blueprint was allegedly written by former US Ambassador Philip Goldbert, who started a verbal tussle with then-candidate Duterte when the former issued an unsolicited statement detrimental to the candidacy of the incumbent president.

Based upon the reports of The Manila Times, former US Ambassador Philip Goldberg leave the Philippines with a legacy of fractured relations between the two countries, he allegedly left behind a "blueprint to undermine Duterte, A Strategic Ostensibly to the State Department for the Ultimate Removal of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte from office, according to a highly placed source.

The said controversial document was received by The Manila Times, wherein the source said that Goldberg had outlined a list of "strategies" to undermin Pres. Duterte and called for his eventual ouster. The blueprint gave a timetable of one-and-a-half years.

To bring down Duterte, the Goldberg plan calls for stoking public dissatisfaction with the President over unfulfilled election promises, isolating the Philippines from the rest of the ASEAN by extending military assistance to member countries except the Philippines, and/or through economic “blackmail” that aims to limit trade by some ASEAN member countries with the Philippines.

Goldberg also encourages support for the opposition through aids and grants, sowing discontent among the Duterte supporters and cultivating the cleavage between the congressmen and the senators over the Charter Change issue.

In brief, the plan calls on the US government to employ a combination of socio-economic-political-diplomatic moves against Duterte “to bring him to his knees and eventually remove him from office.”

Here's the Outline of the Ambassador's "Strategies to be Employed to Oust Duterte:"

  • Political and economic isolation of the Philippines in the region by engaging the leaders of Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and by “highlighting the basic question of the risk of doing business in the Philippines.”
  • Enhanced US military relationship with members of the Asean community except the Philippines.
  • Blackmail neighboring countries so they would turn against Duterte by reducing trade with the Philippines in favor of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
  • Deepen ties with Philippine officials (the opposition), the police/military and leaders in the region who share the US concerns over Duterte.
  • Track corruption cases and highlight the failures of Duterte.
  • “Focus on the needs of the people at the grassroots and assist the opposition groups in delivering those failed promises through USAID – such as alleviation of poverty, housing and education – to name a few.”

Utilize the media to expose the truth about Duterte – “his false vision for the Filipino people and his dangerous international relationships with China and Russia.”

To know more about the US State Department Blueprint to Oust Duterte, just head on to the official website of Covert Geopolitics and The Manila Times.

Source/s: Covert Geopolitics / The Manila Times

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