Spox Harry Roque: Resigning Can't Undo Trillanes' Articles of War Violation

Malacañang Palace through Spokesperson Harry Roque confirmed on Thursday that Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV remains liable for the violations of the Articles of War he committed while in military service despite his resignation. This is the reaction of Spox Roque when asked to comment on the said issue involving Trillanes.

Spox Harry Roque made this reaction to Trillanes' claim that the military has no jurisdiction over him since he was no longer in military service when the amnesty was granted to him by former President Benigno Aquino III in 2010.

The spokesperson was quoted as saying "As to the fact that Senator Trillanes resigned from military, the act of resignation does not undo the violations of the Articles of War that he committed while he was in military service,” Roque explained in a statement.

Senator Antonio Trillanes, one of the most vocal critic of Pres. Duterte spearheaded coup attempts, particularly the Oakwood Mutiny in 2003 and the Manila Peninsula Siege in 2007, against former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Former Congressman Harry Roque, who is also a former law professor of the University of the Philippines, said that Trillanes' status now ill be his status before the granting of amnesty, after Pres. Duterte issued Proclamation 572 declaring the amnesty given to the former Navy Officer void ab initio or invalid from the very beginning.

“In view of this, the Armed Forces of the Philippines has stated that the court martial proceedings against Senator Trillanes will continue,” Roque said.

Sen. Trillanes had also claimed that the coup-related charges against him have already been dismissed by the Makati City Regional Trial Court Branches 148 and 150 in September 2011. Roque, however, explained that the court martial has “continuing jurisdiction” over violations of the Articles of War.

He said Trillanes was charged both for offenses tried before civilian courts and service-related offenses that are punishable under the Articles of War. “Violations of the Articles of War cannot be tried by civilian courts,” Roque said.

Source: PNA

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