Political Analyst Reveals Details of Red October Plot and the Reasons Why It is a Suicide that Will Surely Fail

International political analyst and veteran columnist Jun Avelino revealed some of the most important detaisl about the controversial Red October Plot to oust Pres. Duterte and the reasons why it is a suicidal attempt that will surely fail.

According to Avelino there are lots of evidences that will prove about the truth behind the Red October Plot, based on the maneuverings and machinations of the Anti-Duterte supporters as the AFP and PNP confirmed the possible plot to oust the President.

The Red October Plot is based on the Bolshevik Uprising in Russia last October 1917. The plot's main player,  CPP/NPA/NDF or the extreme leftist (communist) forces, joined forces with the minor players comprising mainly of the yellowtards or members of the Liberal Party.

Jun Avelino noted that "while their strategy in pursuing with the oust plot has been systematically framed for the last few months, we saw how the entire political show flopped with disgrace and we see all players are now scampering for cover fearing adverse repercussions on their involvement thereon." Avelino stated.

Here's the Complete Revelations of Jun Avelino:

The Red October (Oust-Duterte) Plot - A Suicidal Political Adventurism of the Anti-Dutertards

Reading from the sidelines all the maneuverings and machinations which occupy much of the headlines in our country’s political life lately, we can claim with certainty that indeed, the oust-Duterte plot is for real and no less than the President himself and the AFP have already confirmed the same. For the plot’s main player, CPP/NPA/NDF or the extreme leftist (communist) forces, they coined it as the “The Red October” referring primarily to the Bolshevik Uprising in Russia in October 1917 (available in google search). Of course, the minor players comprising mainly of the yellowtards (LPs) and their minions, the oligarchs, drug lords, a few military elements and to some extent, Catholic Church leaders, don’t give a damn with the communist political undertone of such a plot. They only care for their basis of strategic alliance with the Communists which is to unseat Duterte from the Presidency by force.

While their strategy in pursuing with the oust plot has been systematically framed for the last few months, we saw how the entire political show flopped with disgrace and we see all players are now scampering for cover fearing adverse repercussions on their involvement thereon. For the last 2 months or so, they have been hitting Duterte on inflation issue with malicious exaggerations plastered on broadsheets and TV stations by the oligarch-owned mainstream media, thereby painting how Duterte mismanaged the country’s economy which resulted to the people’s sufferings as their narrative, particularly the unabated increases of prices of basic commodities such as the rice and sili which were the focus of their black propaganda. Then we have bombings everywhere lately as if all terrorists in this country suddenly have their free day to do all their demonic ways to depict an incompetent Government in handling the security of this country. Then we have the reports of huge volumes of shabu entering the country and the continued drug related arrests and deaths to show that the government is a failure in addressing the drug problem not to mention that the killings perpetrated by riding-in-tandem and other crimes. Of course, to complete the entire story, they have to put the icing on the cake which is the guilty verdict issued by the International People’s Tribunal in Belgium finding Duterte as guilty of crimes against Humanity on 20 September, just a day before the Marcos Martial Law Anniversary Commemoration. While the country was on its knees because of these systematic attacks, we saw how the opposition exploited our hardships by using it to attack the government fiercely to advance their political agenda and that is calling for people to stand up against the government with some enjoining them to oust the Duterte government to end the sufferings of the people.

With such diabolic propaganda, they were hoping to generate massive support from the people for the “Red October Plot” which will consist mainly of massive civil disobedience activities and mounted street unrests in the month of October and onwards, thus mobilizing some hundreds of thousands of people to march on the streets to engage in looting and fighting against authorities hoping to force Digong to resign to avoid bloodshed and let Robredo take over. But when the ultimate test for the plot to proceed came, which is the 21 September Mass mobilization, their massive black propaganda which were staged and hyped for the last 2 months did not produce the desired results – not even close to what they expected. The mass mobilization on the Marcos Martial Law commemoration gathered only less than ten thousand people (with the PNP estimated it to around 3,000 heads) as against the hundreds of thousands they were hoping to show up. And to add salt to their wound, the latest survey shows that 75 percent of the people still approved Duterte’s governance while 15 percent remains undecided and only 10 percent disapproved. While they successfully managed to pull down Digong’ approval rating by 12 percent with all the massive well-oiled propaganda machine, it only increased the undecided sector while the 7 percent increased of those who disapproved are certainly the population who took their rice and sili propaganda who do not care about Digong’s governance, much less the Red October plot. When inflation rate eases, these people will change their minds and thus keep the level of the disapproved sector to its original 3 percent consisting mainly of die hard anti Dutertards by reason of insanity. These disappointing figures and failure to generate massive support from the Filipino people by the Anti Dutertards, coupled by the refusal of the military as a whole to be a party to such adventurism have sent the “Red October Plot” to the dustbin of our country’s political history. It should be pronounced as dead by now. Hence, the denial of everyone involved.

The destabilizing plot however will keep lingering for as long as Duterte remains President and the plot to oust him will emerge at an opportune time and strikes like a thief in the night. People’s vigilance is therefore the answer to fend off such demonic plot. For those who fell victims to the venomous propaganda of the Anti Dutertards and became supportive on the ouster plot, have you, in conscience, considered the scenario should the people behind this plot succeed? Let us look at the groups involved in the Oust-Duterte plot.

Trillanes and his minions from the Magdalo group are noted mercenaries who only serve their own selfish interests and those of their patrons (who paid them). They arrogated unto themselves the image of military reformists but in truth, they are political assassins who slurp the filthy ass of PNoy just so they can be given perks post their military adventurism seeking to destroy the image of PGMA and her administration which paved the way for PNoy’s ascendancy to the Presidency along with his yellow cohorts.

The reds comprising mainly of the CPP-NPA-NDF whose existence hinged mainly on the senile and idiotic dogmatism of Joma Sison and his continued maniacal obsession over the bankrupt communist ideology, considers the oust Duterte plot as their last golden chance of being in power with the botched peace agreement where they pinned hopes of sharing powers with the Duterte government.

The yellowtards which consist mainly of the Liberal Party members and their minions are now considered politically extinct and getting back the Presidency through VP Robredo is their one last hope and chance to recover from the pain of being politically disenfranchised and massacred.

Then we have the oligarchs whose interest is primarily, getting back of their control and grip over the country’s wealth through their illegal businesses which Duterte unceremoniously removed from them. Then we have the Church whose main interest is to get rid of Duterte whom they perceived to be anti-Catholic and who threatens their survival in the country for trying to tax them and their various business interests and activities in the country.

For fuck sake, do you trust these people? If you just use some amount of common sense and objectivity, once Duterte is ousted, there will be a bloodbath among the players of the ouster plot due to ideological differences and conflicting interests. Do you think Joma Sison and his moronic minions will just allow Robredo and LP to take over the Presidency without getting a significant share of power in governance? Can Robredo refuse? How about the Red’s falling out with PNoy during his term? Do you think Trillanes and the Magdalo group will just watch the Communists to feast on government powers thus shoving them aside? What about the church and the interests of the Oligarchs? The drug lords and all other players whose interests were hit by Duterte’s reforms? If you embraced their promise of good governance with open legs then you are one whore and stupid moron because you know by heart that these people will only bring our country to hell and anarchy will prevail in our land and yet you continue to blindly take their idiotic narratives hook like and sinker. They will surely be killing each other and the group which has the strength to overrun the rest will reign, and in this case, it will be the Communists! This is the end game. Now let me ask you. Is this what you and the Filipino people want for this country? Give the powers of the government to the Reds like a manna from heaven? Dude, for once in your life time, think! Stop being such an idiot and if you chose to persist with your idiocy, please spare this country.

The oust-Duterte plotters claimed that Digong is a tyrant and a Dictator like Marcos and people should support the move to oust him. Of course, this is nothing but a cheap black propaganda and a grievous lie which the Filipino people do not buy. Duterte allowed the rule of law to prevail in his governance by letting the opposition and those who are against his policies to challenge his executive issuances in the courts of law and all the way to the way to the Supreme Court. Just because you lost in all the cases you lodged against the President in the Supreme Court you now accuse him of being a tyrant and a dictator? – Sanamagan!

On the contrary, Anti Dutertards have displayed arrogance and refusal to respect the rule of law in so many instances. When Digong opened the door for peace negotiations with the extreme left forces, he allowed those communists charged with ordinary crimes to be given temporary liberty to participate in the peace negotiations. But when the peace talks bogged down, these criminals are supposed to be back in jail but they refused, thus forcing Digong to issue an order of manhunt for them to be brought back to prison. Clearly, the red’s defiance of the order is an outright disrespect of the Philippine laws.

When the 4 left leaning party list representatives were issued warrants of arrest early this year by the Palayan City RTC for murder of their fellow activists, they refused to submit themselves to the rule of law by surrendering to the law enforcement agencies and fight their cases in court. Instead, they went into hiding and wait for the court’s arrest warrants to be lifted before coming out again in the open. Yes folks. They bastardized our laws by hiding and yet they have the gall to accuse Duterte of disrespecting the rule of law! – Sanamaga!

The preposterously ridiculous of all the narratives of the Anti Dutertards is the case of Trillanes which they used as a backdrop of their propaganda depicting how tyrannical or dictatorial the government of Duterte is. When Digong issued proclamation 572, voiding Trillanes amnesty, he hid in the Senate for fear of being arrested without a warrant notwithstanding the assurances made by Duterte himself and the Supreme Court and that no arrest will be made pending issuance of same by the RTCs hearings his cases. When the warrant of arrest came out, the PNP charged of enforcing the same had to fetch the Senator from the Senate Building, escorted him as VIP to the Makati Police District without being handcuffed (as an ordinary criminal) and brought him back to the Senate after doing the mugshots and other procedure and after posting bail. Where on earth can you find a man, with all the courtesies and VIP treatment accorded to him as a criminal, has the temerity to say afterwards that what happened to him is the “end of democracy in our country”. HAHAHAHA….

And this cry is echoed by his sobbing equally idiotic minions from the yellow fence who claimed that the issuance of the arrest warrant is an act of political persecution and a blow to the rule of law in this country.. Wait… as if… their display of stupidity is not enough for the country to puke to death, Trillanes declared that he decides to continue hiding in the Senate Building for fear that he will be arrested anytime by the same law enforcement people who escorted him out and back to the Senate building so he can safely post bail on his first case! And his fellow yellow Senators and LP minions claim “AMEN!” and they expect the Filipino people to believe them….WTF!..Is this how bankrupt and moronic their reasoning can go? For those who continue to believe with Trillanes and the LPs, I leave this up to you to judge.. not on the soundness of their reasoning…. but the level of their sanity (and yours too) which the Filipino people believed has reached the level worse than that of PNOY’s autism. It’s now sickening, folks! Promise!

In the ultimate analysis, what the country is confronted with today is a battle between anarchy and dictatorship on one hand and democracy on the other hand. Anti Dutertards are bunch of losers. They want to be back in power but they know that they cannot win in any national elections in the coming decades or so. Hence, they resorted to destabilization and ouster plot to get the Presidency without the benefit of elections, thus undermining the mandate of the people. This is a betrayal of the true essence of democracy because they want to govern sans any elections. In essence, this is true dictatorship as the main players seek to appropriate for themselves the powers of governance outside of the ambit of the people’s mandate expressed in the electoral process. Yes folks! These Anti dutertards are the real dictators who want to rule the country under the mantle of tyranny which seeks to obliterate our democratic rights on governance through elections.

Amidst these threats of dictatorship and anarchy, the Filipino people are called upon to defend democracy and that is to defend the Duterte Presidency against any ouster plot to unseat him. We gave him the mandate to serve the country for 6 years until 2022 through elections in 2016 which he won via a landslide victory. Let us respect that mandate by allowing him to perform his duties as enshrined in our constitution. That is the true essence of democracy. If he fails us, we choose to elect another group after his term. If he errs in the process or we disagreed with him on his policies, we call him out through rallies and other remedies allowed under our laws as constructive ways of pushing the government for ensuring good governance. Duterte allows that. In fact, he encourages us to do that for he recognizes his administration’s constraints and limitations. It’s criticizing the government in the process of nation- building. What is important is for the country to move forward notwithstanding our differences.

Let us therefore be vigilant in protecting the genuine democratic space we enjoyed under the Duterte Presidency and the comfort of the respect and regard for rule of law under his watch against the threat posed by the Anti Dutertards who are expected to continue with their destabilizing plot anchored mainly on their anarchic and dictatorial tendencies to rule this country even to the extent of betraying the mandate and trust of the Filipino people. Let us remind them that under democracy, you can only govern the country as leaders by winning an electoral process. Any shortcut to that which undermines the mandate of the Filipino people is anarchy. Governing without the benefit of an election kills the very core of principles of democracy. It is vanguardism which, in essence, is plain dictatorship – no less. – Jun Avelino

Source: Jun Avelino FB Page

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