Jun Avelino Reveals: Why Pres. Duterte is a Brilliant Lawyer President Burning Down Critics

Veteran journalist and prominent political analyst Jun Avelino revealed the reasons why President Rody Duterte is indeed a brilliant lawyer President with high regards for the Rule of Law on his dealings with his critics.

According to Jun Avelino he expected Sen. Trillanes to be roasted like a filthy pig in the Senate when he ends his term next year and becomes an ordinary citizen without the mantle of parliamentary immunity he has been abusing for protection as a Senator. The voiding of Trillanes amnesty by Pres. Duterte exploded as a surprise to everyone especially to Trillanes who scampered for cover like a rat.

The lengthy post of Jun Avelino described Trillanes as a mediocre, a political nuisance, a butt of joke and a disgrace member of the Senate as an institution. The political analyst also cited records of Pres. Duterte and the reasons why he is indeed the best lawyers in the country.

Jun Avelino revealed the list of Pres. Duterte's legal victories against the opposition such as the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao; allowing the burial of the late Pres. Marcos; Martial Law Extension in Mindanao; De Lima's warrant of arrest; Sereno's Quo Warranto; and the Supreme Court's recent decision to deny Trillanes TRO in light of the implementation of Proclamation 572 voiding Trillanes amnesty.

Here's the Complete Statement of Jun Avelino:

Voiding Trillanes’ Amnesty: A Classic Display of Duterte’s Regard for Rule of Law

I expected Trillanes to be roasted like a filthy pig in the Senate when he ends his term next year and becomes an ordinary citizen without the mantle of parliamentary immunity he has been abusing for protection on his malevolent ways as a Senator. Frankly, I didn’t see the move of voiding his amnesty coming. It exploded as a surprise to everyone, especially to Trillanes himself who scampered for cover like “Ben” – the rat. I think, the Palace has yielded to the pressure of the growing impatience among the people to see this lawmaker languish in jail for the country to finally have a reprieve from the incessant stupid attacks of Trillanes against the government and its duly elected officials. After all, he never acted like a fiscalizer he claims to be or an oppositionist in the legislature. He has been a mediocre, a political nuisance, a butt of joke and a disgrace member of the Senate as an institution - with due respect to the Millions of Filipinos who voted for him in 2013 and who must have puked to death and cursed themselves by now for regrettably supporting such an idiot to become Senator.

As expected, self-proclaimed legal luminaries mostly from the yellow fence whom the mainstream media camouflaged as “legal experts” were feasting on the prime time accorded to them in plastering on broadsheets and TV stations their Anti Duterte legal rhetoric, calling the President’s proclamation no. 572 as unconstitutional, illegal shocking and stupid. Some even maligned Duterte’s law profession, for coming up with such “preposterous” executive issuance which they claimed unlawful. Well, having heard the President and his Chief Legal Counsel, Sal Panelo the other night, people must have realized the sound basis of the President’s proclamation in voiding Trillanes amnesty. But more than that, as non-lawyers, while we listened to the yucking and insults hurled by those Anti Dutertard legal experts against Digong on this controversial legal issue, I invite the people to go by the records for us to determine who really are the best lawyers in this brouhaha.

When Duterte placed the entire Mindanao under Martial Law through proclamation No. 216, you called it illegal and challenged it before the Supreme Court. But the latter upheld Duterte’s action, thus ruling it as constitutional. What a slap on your face!

When Digong allowed the remains of the late Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, you brought the matter to the Supreme Court to stop such Presidential Action being unconstitutional. The Supreme Court once again ruled in favor of the President’s action being within the bounds of the law. You cried!

When Duterte extended the period of Martial law in Mindanao, you went berserk and filed a case again before the Supreme Court claiming that the extension is totally unconstitutional. But the latter slapped you with its decision in favor of Digong. Ouch!

When De Lima was issued warrants of arrest at the behest of Digong through the DOJ, you went to the Supreme Court and argued before it against the “illegal” acts committed by the President in having De Lima arrested by virtue of warrant of arrests issued by RTCs. But the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Digong’s action being within the legal bounds. Another slap!

When Sereno was subjected to Quo Warranto proceedings by the OSG, you fought tooth and nail before the Supreme Court to defend her. But the Supreme Court sided with Digong and ousted Sereno as chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Then you tickled your balls to death!

Wait! Isn’t it that the Supreme Court was under Sereno, who is a certified yellowtard in all the cases where you miserably lost to Digong whom you called as a stupid lawyer?

Recently, you went to the Supreme Court and asked for TRO in the light of the implementation of Proclamation 572 for which the Supreme Court flatly denied. Another point for Digong, of course.

You filed cases against Duterte before the Ombudsman on his alleged hidden wealth which was dismissed for lack of evidence, notwithstanding the fact that the office of the Ombudsman was headed by another certified yellowtard then – Ombudsman Morales.

You tried to impeach him. But the initiators at the House of Representatives ended up being mocked by their colleagues for blatantly showing your ignorance of the law on impeachment. Enjoy on youtube how Cong. Alejano was lambasted by members of the Justice Committee on the Impeachment proceedings he filed against Duterte. You will pity the man. And he now has the guts to run as a Senator! Stupidity really has no limit in this country.

So, let the people ask you, morons. Where the fuck did you get the balls, the nerve and the shameless courage to mock Duterte’s title as a lawyer? For fuck sake, you have yet to score a single legal victory against the man’s legal actions since he became President. The fact that Digong won in all those cases shows that he knows his law and that he is one brilliant lawyer. That’s on record! And the fact that you lost in all these cases, you are nothing but bunch of losers and stupid lawyers before the eyes of the public. Suck it up!– Sanamagan!

The problem with yellow legal experts is that they are only good in media mileage, presenting their arguments in public, particularly TV stations but in the courts of law, these arguments are trashed for they do not hold water – simply put, all empty rhetoric which both the courts and the Filipino people outrightly dismissed with disdain. Legal Experts? I though stupid legal idiots and black propagandists are much more deserving titles for you. – Sanamagan!

Trillanes asked Digong to man up in admitting his mistakes on the proclamation he issued against his amnesty. Well, let us tell the good Senator how to act like a real man.

When Senators Bong Revilla, Jingoy Estrada and Johnny Enrile were issued warrants of arrests, they immediately went to the PNP and submit themselves to the rule of law by allowing themselves to be locked up while fighting their cases in courts. That’s following the rule of law. And that’s how to man up, dude. But for a coward like Trillanes, by a mere issuance of a Presidential Proclamation voiding his amnesty, he cried for Senate protection and hid on its building for fear of being arrested, such that even if no less than the Supreme court itself issued an order guaranteeing that he will not be arrested, he continues to hide in the Senate. That’s how to be a coward, Mr. Senator. How to be you po? 

Trillanes called Duterte as a President with dictatorial tendencies. If Digong really has the tendency to be a dictator, he should have sent to the Senate a battalion of Army to arrest that mongoloid hiding in the Senate building and if Tito Sen blocks his way, he padlocks the Senate for good. He arrests all anti Dutertard Magdalo members sans any warrant for the amnesty fiasco and circumsize them all in public as a penalty for being a pain of the country’s ass, then incarcerate them all – back to jail – no barracks. Anyone who stands on the way, will be bulldozed off. That’s how a dictator acts. He is the fuckin’ law! Has Duterte done that? Of course not. He gave Trillanes his day in court and the Supreme Court acknowledges it, which is why the SC trashed his prayer for TRO on the proclamation voiding his amnesty. In fact, Duterte humbly submits himself to the wisdom of the Supreme Court should the latter decide against him as he committed to abide by its decision. Does that sound like a pronouncement from a dictator? Sanamagan!

But in the case of Trillanes, when he disagreed with the policies of PGMA, then duly elected President of the country with mandate from the people, he and his Magdalo minions occupied the Oakwood building and demanded for PGMA to resign. After negotiations and the reported pay off, they gave up without firing a single shot. After a while, probably discontented with the package they get, they occupied Manila Pen again. Negotiations, reported pay off and concessions made them surrender. The grant of amnesty was the greatest reward given to them by PNoy like a manna from heaven for destroying the PGMA Presidency which catapulted the yellows to power. So if there is anyone who has dictatorial tendency, it is Trillanes and not Duterte. This man is not really a putschist. He is a political mercenary hired by PNoy to hit the latter’s political opponents. He is a “hired political Assassin” worse than the modern day riding in tandem. He is the man with the real dictatorial tendency who tends to impose himself over others at all cost. Look at what he did to the late Gen. Angelo Reyes whom he maligned in public using his position as a Senator. He deprived General Reyes with his right and the opportunity to explain himself in a Senate hearing, charging that the man has no right to clear himself off. As a result of that shaming campaign against him and his family, Gen. Reyes decided to kill himself just so Trillanes will stop his personal attacks against his family. Murderer! Review the Senate hearing on the matter via youtube and you will see what kind of dictator Trillanes is! My god, I can’t imagine how priests, bishops, nuns and a few hundreds more can be that stupid enough to believe the idiocy of this man!

While the President allowed his critics to throw on his face all kinds of muds, he took them all willingly despite the fact that most of the attacks are too personal and way below the belt by trying to destroy his family’s name and honor, including his youngest innocent daughter and not to mention the fabrications and lies embedded thereon. But the President maintains that in his Presidency, he allows idiocy and stupidity to thrive as a matter of right for those who chose to be so. You called the President a thief, corrupt, drug lord, murderer of his people and even wished him sick and dead either in the church pulpit, the halls of Senate, on the streets and on TV interviews before the eyes of the Filipino people and to their disgust. And all the President does is to smile, thus winning the hearts of the millions as against his attackers who lost the people’s support. In this political equation, who is winning if you know your politics? Of course, the President and you can verify this claim by checking on why your number of supporters is shrinking despite the mudslinging you are engaged in against the President.

The Proclamation No. 572 is a double edge sword used by the President in dealing with his opponents. Of course, the latter will view it as getting back at his critics. Well, after all the baseless attacks they launched against the President, majority of the Filipino people will of course, call it a well-deserved counter attack launched within the bounds of the law from the President.

The constitutionality on the matter will be decided soon by the Supreme Court – the final arbiter of the laws of the land and not the self-proclaimed legal experts from the yellow fence. Should the Supreme Court decide against that proclamation, Digong has promised to abide by the decision. So, what is the message which the President is telling the country and the whole world with such anticipated compliance? That there is rule of law in this country and the President is in the forefront of ensuring full respect of the laws of the land among Filipinos. Under such scenario, the opposition cannot capitalize on its legal victory as Digong will certainly win global praises and support of his countrymen for his respect and high regard for the rule of law in our country. So, in the event of unfavorable decision, in the context of politics, Duterte is still winning!

But what if the opposite scenario comes whereby the SC upholds the constitutionality of the Proclamation? Oh boy! Run, Trillanes, run! It’s not only Digong who will be after your ass. Everyone whom you have wronged and unjustly treated as an abusive Senator will certainly get a piece of you. You will be brought to jail with your Magdalo minions and you can kiss the amnesty good bye for it will not be given to you anymore by Digong - not unless the yellows are back in power which, at the rate things are going, may take a lifetime to happen. This means, you will rot in jail while facing dozens of court cases outside for all the crimes you have committed against the state and its people. Then you will be reminded of how you, as a soldier, inhumanely destroyed the career and caused the snuffing out of the life of your senior “MISTAH” at the PMA, the late Gen. Reyes. Oh please don’t even think of following him by shooting yourself in your balls because clearly, it’s a public knowledge that you never have one. Dying in jail is your destiny and not the honorable death of the likes of General Reyes. – Jun Avelino

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