Netizen's Expose: "How to Cover-Up Smartmatic and COMELEC" (Viral Video)

A concerned netizen shared an interesting piece on  social media expose how the COMELEC and Smartmatic allegedly manipulated the Senate Hearing on Electoral Fraud as he exposed how they were able to do so.

According to concerned netizen Christopher Villocino Fallera, the first thing that COMELEC and Smartmatic did is the element of a media blackout, although there's some representatives of the mainstream media during the hearing they were not allowed to cover the live proceedings.

The second strategy allegedly employed by Smartmatic and COMELEC is to discredit Atty. Glenn Chong, considered by many netizens as the hero of the Election Cheating Investigations of the Senate. In order to discredit Atty. Chong they accused the lawyer as one of the Marcos lawyer but they failed.

Watch the Video of an IT Expert's Expose During the Senate Hearing:

The third strategy was made with the help of some politicians during the Senate Hearing, Atty. Chong was given ample time to speak, if not for the presence of Sen. Sotto, maybe Chong would walked out earlier than expected.

A video was also shared by Fallera showing how an IT expert burned down COMELEC and Smartmatic for the alelged cheating during the last national elections.

Here's the Complete Expose of Concerned Netizen Christopher Fallera:

How to cover-up Smartmatic and Comelec

Step 1 - Media Blackout
Step 2 - Discredit Atty Chong
Step 3 - Don't let Atty Chong to speak in Senate hearing.

If nothing works because of social media

Step 4 - Stop the hearing as if nothing happens

Yellow minded idiots will ignore this and focus on Mochas idiotic federalism campaign.

Source: Christopher Fallera

Netizen's Expose: "How to Cover-Up Smartmatic and COMELEC" (Viral Video) Netizen's Expose: "How to Cover-Up Smartmatic and COMELEC" (Viral Video) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on August 07, 2018 Rating: 5
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