Filipino-Chinese Donates P200-Million Friendship Dome in Marawi City

President Rodrigo Duterte witness the presentation of the Filipino-Chinese community announcing their donation of P200-million multi-purpose center also known as Friendship Dome, seeking to help Maranaos recover from the 5-month battle that devastated Marawi City last year.

In a meeting between Pres. Duterte and the leaders of the Filipino-Chinese community on Tuesday, August 14 at the Malacanang Palace, the group presented the replica of the Marawi Filipino-Chinese Friendship Dome.

The multi-purpose center donation of the Filipino-Chinese group to the City of Marawi is expected to be completed in 16-16 months from groundbreaking. It will be constructed in a two-hectare area that will be identified by the Marawi local government.

During the meeting, Domingo Yap, President of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc. (FFCCCII), said the dome can be used to showcase the city’s culture, facilitate commerce, promote athletics, and provide a home for other events and community needs.

“It is the Filipino-Chinese community’s fervent wish that this donation will help in the healing of the people of Marawi from the scars of war and destruction,” he said.

He further noted that the dome, designed for free by architect Jose Siao Ling who hails from Zamboanga City, can accommodate at least 4,000 people depending on the layout for the event.

According to the FFCCCII President the 11 Filipino-Chinese associations “came together as one, under the leadership of the Federation to seek the guidance of the government on the kind of contribution it can make.”

Among the supporting organizations are FFCCCII Foundation, Inc.; Federation of Filipino-Chinese Associations of the Philippines; World News Daily; Filipino-Chinese Amity Club; Overseas Chinese Alumni Association of the Philippines; Filipino-Chinese Shin Lian Association, Inc.; Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc.; Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of the Philippines, Inc.; Philippine Soong Ching Ling Foundation; Philippine Jin Jiang Shen Fu Zhen Association, Inc; and World Fujian Youth Association & Business Club, Inc.

Aside from the planned Friendship Dome to be constructed in Marawi City, last July 2017, the FFCCCII turned over to Pres. Rody Duterte P10.1 million as assistance to the families of the soldiers and policemen who lost their lives in liberating the city of Marawi after being attacked by ISIS-linked terrorist group.

Source: PNA

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