American Intel Reveals the Real Results of VP Race: Sen. Marcos Won with 1.5 Million Votes Over Robredo

An American intelligence officer revealed the real results of the Vice Presidential race in the Philippines, former Senator Bongbong Marcos was supposed to be the winner with 1.5 million over VP Leni Robredo.

The information gathered by the American intel was shared to a veteran Filipino blogger and prominent journalist Jose Alejandrino who exposed the same revelations to his social media followers.

According to Jose Alejandrino he had a conversation with the American intel officer only identified with the name "John" as he shared a transcript of his conversation with the American official. The intel officer claimed that some police generals paid the people who also allegedly helped Maduro's victory during the Venezuela elections.

The American official noted that when he says police generals it means that local people in the Philippines allegedly involved in drugs. He also revealed that a certain prominent family name in the Philippines summoned the three guys from the US to help the police generals. At first they tried to manipulate the Presidential elections but due to the huge lead of Pres. Duterte, they decided to drop the idea of cheating the former Mayor of Davao City who eventually won the Presidency.

Aside from the alleged manipulations of the Vice Presidential race, the American intel also exposed that the Senatorial race was also manipulated to ensure the victory of Drilon, Villanueva, Pangilinan, Recto and De Lima and lessened the votes of Senatorial candidates Tolentino, Osmena, Romualdez and Alunan.

Here's the Complete Expose of Jose Alejandrino:


by Jose Alejandrino

Here is the transcript of my phone conversation with an American official after the May 9 elections. I shall refer to him as 'John' which is not his real name because he works for Intel.

ME: Was it clean or relatively clean?

JOHN: No. There was a lot of fiddling.

ME: Who? Smartmatic?

JOHN: From what we know it was three guys sent there paid by some police generals. Same guys who operated in Venezuela during the Maduro election.

ME: When you say police generals, you mean local guys?

JOHN: Yeah, local guys.

ME: Drugs?

JOHN: Yeah.

ME: It figures. Do you know who gave the order to fiddle?

JOHN: We think the order came from Aquino.

ME: Where was the fiddling?

JOHN: From what we know, they hit Duterte first but when his lead became too wide, they dropped the idea. It would have been too obvious. So they focused on making sure Marcos didn't win. They narrowed the gap so Robredo would make it. She won by a small margin. 200,00O votes?

ME: How many did they shave off from Duterte?

JOHN: Our info is just over a million. He should have gotten 17.7 million.

ME: That's pretty close to the estimate I gave you. I said between 17 to 18 according to the private polls I took.

JOHN: It was a good estimate.

ME: What about Marcos? My estimate was 2 million.

JOHN: His real tally was 1.5 million over Robredo. But they switched it around. Also they fiddled Escudero. About half a million. Escudero's real score was 5.3 million.

ME: So Robredo should have gotten only 12 million.

JOHN: That's right.

ME: What about the senatorial race?

JOHN: A lot of fiddling there too. They wanted to make sure Drilon, Villanueva, Pangilinan, Recto and De Lima got into the first twelve.

ME: At whose expense?

JOHN: Tolentino, Osmena, Romualdez and Alunan. Those were the guys they deducted.

ME: Damn. Two of them were my friends. I couldn't understand how Raffy Alunan only got less than 2 million. That means Serge Osmena should have been among the first twelve.

JOHN: What they took from Osmena they gave to De Lima. But what they deducted from Alunan wouldn't be enough to push him to the first twelve.

ME: What they deducted from Tolentino went to who?

JOHN: Recto.

ME: Drilon and Villanueva got 18 million votes each. Did they really get that much?

JOHN: Our info shows Drilon only got 16 million. Villanueva about the same. They would still be in the first twelve despite the fiddle. Pangilinan only got 14 million. He would have still been in the first twelve.

Based on this info, I asked Comelec to declare failed elections for the VP and senatorial race but my request was ignored. I maintain there was wide cheating during the last election. But among the candidates, only BBM took up the cudgel to contest the results.

Source: Adolfo Mortera FB Page

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