US Air Force to Donate Four Turboprop Light Attachk Aircraft to PAF

The Unites States Air Force is giving awy retired turboprop light attack aircraft to the Philippines as part of the country's modernization program of the Philippine Air Force's assets.

The Philippine government under the administration of President Rody Duterte will receive the retired turboprop light attack aircraft from the US Air Force as both countries already begun the process of completing a contract to have the planes disassembled before shipping overseas.

Some trusted sources from the Philippine government said tha the Duterte admin was offered the North American OV-10 Bronco twin-turboprop light attack aircraft earlier this year, after they requested the transfer of spare parts for the type being stored by the U.S. government. The Philippine delegation subsequently inspected the aircraft and found them suitable for use.

The four OV-10 Broncos have been retired from US military since mid-1990's, it will be provided to the Philippines free-of-charge, most likely as part of an assistance package to the country's military. However, the Philippines will be liable for the costs of transportating them from the United States, with the transfer expected to take place later this year and the aircraft is expected to ready for use of the Philippine Air Force in the year 2019.

According to official statement of the U.S. Military the four aircraft to be donated to the Philippines are a mixture of two OV-10A and two OV-10G+ aircraft. The aircraft were formerly owned by NASA, with the two OV-10G+ heavily modified in 2015 and used by U.S. Special Operations Command for combat evaluation in the campaign against the Islamic State in the Middle East before being returned again to NASA.

The Philippines is considered as the last operator of the OV-10 Bronco, with its air force currently operation eight to 10 aircraft. The country has previously upgraded OV-10s to employ laser-guided bombs designated by troops on the ground.

Source: DefenseNews
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