Netizens Reacts on Sharon Cuneta Hugging and Kissing Pres. Dutere During a PAL Event (Photos)

Netizens were delighted upon seeing one of the country's most popular celebrity and veteran singer Sharon Cuneta hugging and kissing Pres. Rody Duterte during an event initiated by Philippine Airlines (PAL).

Sharon Cuneta was one of the invited guest by the Philippine Airlines (PAL) during the inauguration of the flagship carrier newest fleet, PAL's Airbus A350-900 and A321 Neo which will be used by the company for a direct flight to the United States of America (USA).

President Rodrigo Duterte today graced the roll-out of Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) new Airbus A350-900 XWB (Extra Wide Body) and A321 Neo aircraft at the Lufthansa Technik Philippines located in the Macro Asia Special Economic Zone of Villamor Air Base in Pasay City. The event also coincided with 83rd birthday celebration of PAL’s Lucio Tan.

Last July 16, 2018, the Philippine Airlines (PAL) received the first of six ordered A350-900 from the French Aviation Company Airbus. The A350-900 will be utilized by PAL for its non-stop flights to New York and London starting October 2018. Meanwhile, the narrow-bodied A321 Neo aircraft is being utilized by PAL for its non-stop flights to Australia and other countries in the Asia-Pacific.

Back to the hugging and kissing of Sharon Cuneta to Pres. Rody Duterte, netizens express their excitement and reactions to the photos which is now circulating on social media. According to some netizens, it is indeed a good thing to see Sharon Cuneta expressing her admirations and beliefs to what Pres. Duterte achieved while there are some netizens also who doubts the sincerity of the singer towards the President.

Here's Some of the Reactions on Social Media:

Myrna Mallari Cunanan Sharon is treating PRRD as his own father, kaya mahal niya si PRRD.

Bnoy Dela Victoria Bidan Kung ordinaryong tao ang nakahalik kay digong grabe ang issue pero si shawie bat di nag react ang matsing...ahem ahem excuse me po mang kiko spechless ka ata...

John Paul Domingo Espulgar Magagalit ang gabriella, hinarass n naman daw ng pangulo si shawie.

Marivic Lara Marabila habang si kiko asawa nya malabo yan du30 sya respect oo may respeto sya kasi long friendship ng family nya si tatay digs pero paano si mr eyebag na napuno ng inggit.

George Rivera She understand what is different between desente and bogoybogoy president...but inside he pure and chocen by us....So the changes is very near....if we are united as one.Digong is nothing if we will not coope.

Derose Tomenlaco Ambo hmmmm!!!! anong drama yan???!!!! tatay digong wag kang maniwala sa babaeng yan, sigurado ko na may masamang Plano ang mga dilawan at ginagamit syempre ang Sharon na yan.

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Netizens Reacts on Sharon Cuneta Hugging and Kissing Pres. Dutere During a PAL Event (Photos) Netizens Reacts on Sharon Cuneta Hugging and Kissing Pres. Dutere During a PAL Event (Photos) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on July 17, 2018 Rating: 5
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