Netizens Chides Sen. Trillanes for Raising the White Flag on His Word War vs. Mayor Sara Duterte

Netizens took to social media as they lambasts Sen. Antonio Trillanes for raising the White Flag as early as possible after Mayor Sara Duterte challenged him to continue his attacked against the Mayor of Davao City and he will surely lost billions of pesos just to make her irrelevant.

Sen. Trillanes put the brakes on the word war he started against Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, after he said that Pres. Duterte had tapped his daughter to run for President in 2022.

Mayor Sara responded through her social media account and told Trillanes to leave her alone otherwise she would make the outspoken Duterte critic and his allies would have to spend a billion "just to make (Her) insignificant."

When Sen. Trillanes was asked by some reporters about his respond to the statement released by Mayor Sara Duterte on her social media account, Trillanes responded by saying "Hindi ko na lang siguro papatulan 'yan. I don't have time for that," Trillanes told reporters.

A few minutes after GMA News reported that Sen. Trillanes don't want to make the "word war issue" between him and Mayor Duterte to continue, some netizens took to social media and lambasted Trillanes for his decision not to engage against Mayor Sara because in the first place he started the issue but he easily raises the white flag of surrender.

One of the most vocal supporter of Pres. Duterte and a veteran blogger, Krizette Laureta Chu scolded Trillanes by saying why he raises the white flag so easily. Is it because Trillanes don't want to spend P1-billion peso. Within 6 hours, he lost his time to respond to Inday Sara.

Here's the Complete Statement of Krizette Laureta Chu:

Ambilis ng white flag ni Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV. O ano ka. ANO!

Ayaw nyo gumastos ng 1 billion pesos? 

Wala pang 6 hours, naubos daw agad ang time nya. Busy ka? Bakit? Ang pathetic lol. 

PS: don't tell us he's a gentleman. He didn't hesitate to threaten Mocha with a lawsuit. 


Here's Some of the Reactions from Concerned Netizens:

Didi Manuel The headline should be... "Trillanes stops word war with Sara Zimmerman Duterte: I don't have the balls"

Natsumi Saki Trillanes PISOT kang dako, nyeta huwag kang kakasa sa bisayang babae kong titiklop ka lamang. Bad trip ka naman eh, asarin mo pa please si Inday para hindi na kami magpapagod na i-convince siyang tumakbo.

Jun Sanico Sabi ko na ba!mahirap kalabanin ang palaban,mas matigas pa yan kay M.Santiago.iwas ka dyan isa pa mahirap kalabanin ang di korap na tao wala kang maibato.

Anne Penaso I am so disappointed in you Trillanes. Paasa ka, umasa talaga ako. You have to finish what you have started. Please go on attacking Inday Sarah. Nabitin kami eh. Trillanes kahit ngayon lang, show us you got the balls. Wake the dragon princess up Trillanes. Fighting!!!

Pinky Grace Cubian Daa...mibahag lagi imo ikog buanga kang trililinga ka! Mi unlok pud siguro.nang imo naa man. Inday ramam diay pahilom nimo...pasumangil ka pa ug di na patulan......talawan jud ka! Tagam!

BingBong Pino Hindi ko na lang siguro papatulan yan, pareho naman kaming girl eh

Source: Facebook / GMA News

Netizens Chides Sen. Trillanes for Raising the White Flag on His Word War vs. Mayor Sara Duterte Netizens Chides Sen. Trillanes for Raising the White Flag on His Word War vs. Mayor Sara Duterte Reviewed by Phil Newsome on June 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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