Netizen Ask: "Anong Meron sa Manila? EPAL. Maraming EPAL sa Manila"

A concerned netizen made headlines on social media after he posted an intriguing question, asking what's really in Manila and at the same time answering his questions in a sarcastic way.

The concerned netizen was identified as Rik Perez-Escudero who enumerated on his social media post a question about the residents of Manila who keeps on complaining against the Duterte administration's programs and projects for the betterment of the Filipino people.

According to Escudero, when Pres. Duterte declared Matial Law in Mindanao, the people in the area did not complain but in Manila most critics of the President rallied against the safety measures of the government.

Aside from the Martial Law Declaration, the critics in Maila also filed complain and protested against the War on Drugs; Closure of Boracay; and the No Tambay Policy despite the fact that all these problems were mostly implemented in Visayas and Mindanao.

The concerned netizen also cited the achievements of the Visayan ang Mindanaoan people, particularly in the Bar Exams and what really is in Manila is in fact "Epal" or "Mahilig Pumapel" in other words, Critics in Manila always wanted to be in the limelight.

Here's the Complete Statement of Rik Perez-Escudero:

Anong meron sa Manila?
Rik Perez-Escudero

When President DUTERTE declared Martial Law in Mindanao, the people did not complain at nandun ang Maute, ISIS, ASG at ibang bandidong grupo. Pero yung taga Manila, hala, rally dito rally doon. Umabot pa hanggang Supreme Court. JUNKED din naman.

When President DUTERTE declared the war on drugs, the people in Visayas and Mindanao quietly supported it at nandun ang drug lords na PAROJINOG, ESPINOSA, ODICTA, JAGUAR, at MABILOG pero yung taga Manila sila yung nagsama sama at nag-ingay sa kalye kasama pa ang PARI at MADRE. Pati human rights groups sa abroad nakijamming na rin. JUNKED din naman.

When President DUTERTE ordered the closure of Boracay for rehabilitation, the people from Visayas gave a "THUMBS UP" at sila na rin ang nagkusang maglinis ng Bohol beach pero yung taga Manila na wala namang beach, sila ang reklamo ng reklamo.

When President DUTERTE implemented the "NO TAMBAY", tahimik pa ring sumunod ang mga taga Visayas at Mindanao pero ang taga Manila, 7000 arrest na raw at may namatay pa. May media coverage at may mga apologists pa.

When the BAR EXAM result was released, hindi taga Manila ang nasa TOP.

Anong meron sa Manila? EPAL. Maraming EPAL sa Manila.

Source: Facebook 

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