Miriam's Sister Say's Goodbye to Facebook After they Partner with Rappler & Vera Files

Veteran international lawyer and the late Sen. Miriam Santiago's sister, Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack bids goodbye to Facebook after the reported partnerships with Rappler and Vera Files, the same media company which is allegedly biased against the Duterte administration.

According to Atty. Paula Knack, this coming Saturday, April 14, 2018, her Facebook Page (Paula Defensor Knack FB Page) will announce to which social media platform they will transfer together with some DDS bloggers who are interested in letting the truth out.

Miriam's sister announced that she will close her FB account and already did some practice in the other social media network that they will transferring to.

Atty. Knack noted that they will leave Vera Files and Rappler will leave Vera Files and Rappler with none to talk to or no account to suspend on FB. hey will bring their defense of PRRD and the country to another international audience in the new social media platform which is free and easy to use.

Here's the Complete Statement of Atty. Paula Knack:

See you there ! There, we will tell the world the truth about the country !!! 

It is free and easy and we will tell our stories to the world there. We are currently practicing there :)

I am closing my FB account. I am not going to let Yellows fact check me or suspend my account. NO WAY ! My followers will follow me anyway. Learning from me is FREE. We have talked to other DDS bloggers as well and they will also open new social media accounts there in the new platform 

Announcement will be ready by FRiDAY evening so when you wake up on Saturday, we are already waiting for you in the new social media platform.

Source: Atty. Paula Knack FB Page