R. Tiglao Column: How the 1987 Constitution Gave Fake Parties House Seats

Columnist Rigoberto Tiglao of the The Manila Times who is also a veteran diplomat exposed some relevant information on how the 1987 Constitution also known as the Cory Constitution packed with her handpicked people, which allegedly allowed fake parties to wast taxpayers' money at it enabled multi-millionaires, the religious sect El Shaddai, and the Communist cadres to get seats in the House of Representatives.

The veteran columnist revealed that there are five communist cadres right now in the Philippine Congress, which include Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Isagani Zarate. Tiglao also mentioned prominent personalities such as the religious group El Shaddai having their representative for Buhay Party-List. Quezon City's political boss Belmonte has his SBP party-list, while former health secretary Garin's clan as its AAMBIS-OWA party-list.

Tiglao wrote on his last column posted on Friday that more than half of the representatives under the party-list system are multi-millionaires, led by Rep. Michael Romero whose net worth reached P7 billion based on his SALN.

The veteran columnist also noted that the third-type of "party-list representatives" are those who represent no marginalized sector but merely a political clan controlling a territory.

R. Tiglao exposed some of the party-list representatives who don't represent a marginalized clan but were in fact dominated by a political clan which includes the Belmonte family of Quezon City. Former House Speaker Sonny Belmonte tapped his nephew Ricardo ("RJ") Belmonte to be party-list representative of "SBP" a nickname closely related to the former Mayor of Quezon City, but Rep. RJ Belmonte stated that his group represents "Serbisyong Bayan" party-list with a platform to bring "consumer prices down."

Aside from the Belmonte family of Quezon City, the Garin family of Iloilo together with the Veloso clan of Leyte sends Janette Garin's sister-in-law Sharon to Congress as party-list representatives of AAMBIS-OWA (Association of Visayan Workers and OFW's).

Party-lists controlled by local political bosses include: Abono, by the Estrella and Ortega families of La Union; PBA (“Pwersa ng Bayaning Atleta”) by the clan of former Speaker Prospero Nograles; and ALONA (“Alliance of Organizations Networks and Associations”) by the Suarez family of Quezon, headed by congressman Danilo Suarez.

R. Tiglao explained further that there seemed to be totally no hope that the party-list system, which has become so absurd and such a mockery of our democratic system, would ever be abolished. The party-list representatives had become nearly a formidable force, representing 20 percent of Congress.

Only Pres. Duterte can stop the mockery of the Cory Constitution as he stated earlier that "With a new Constitution, I will insist: no party-list,” he said last year. He said party-lists abused the system, with the rich organizing groups of their own. “They represent what, security guards? That’s a mockery of the law.”

To know more about the Expose of Rigoberto Tiglao, just head on to the official website of The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

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