Netizens Reacts on ANC's Christian Esguerra's Interview with Atty. Panelo on Rappler's Fake News Issue

Atty. Salvador Panelo, the legal counsel of Pres. Rody Duterte was interviewed by veteran journalist Christian Esguerra of ANC last February 21, 2018. Netizens reacted on the way the host Christian Esguerra questioned Atty. Panelo during the entire show.

Some netizens commented that there were some biases on the way Esguerra asking questions to Atty. Panelo which seemingly favored Rappler's side particularly on the issue of fake news proliferated by the company.

During the interview, Atty. Panelo tried to explain the reasons why Rappler was banned from entering Malacanang Palace to the extent that the interviewer seems to involved other people particularly Mocha Uson in the issue of fake news.

Although Atty. Panelo already explained that there is a big difference between a fake news which was corrected compared to the fake news which the bearer insists and keeps on repeating with the intentions of maligning the President.

Watch the ANC Interview with Atty. Panelo:

In the next video posted online, which is a continuation of the interview shown on ANC, TV host Christian Esguerra

Watch the Part 2 of the ANC Interview with Atty. Panelo:

Here's Some of the Reactions from Concerned Netizens:

Jeremy Tumagos: Haha nakakatawa tlga ung mga taong lage pren sinasabi na fake news si mocha. My god! Diba nagka senate hearing na sila?? Wla nmn napatunayan. Ano lang binabato kay mocha non? Ung sa sundalo lang!! Ung parang pray for these soldiers something yata un. Tas wala na! Senate hearing na po un! Pero wla sila napatunayan! Tas they insist paren na si mocha fake news yan fake news yan! My god marunong na mag isip mga tao ngaun.

Elmer Moca: 14k ang patay sa drugs on war ang binalita ng rappler..kayo ABS  ganon ba karami?dba hindi..oh anu sa tingin nyo fake news ang balita nila o hindi??
Parang ngtanga tangan lng kayo ABS...

Angelo Santos: I am not satisfied by how formal and relax Panelo is answering this obviously stupid of a reporter's questions, I dare this stupid reporter interview harry roque

Gerard Argonsola: Mali na nga si Pia bakit hindi nya sabihin na mali pala sya at sabihin nya ang totoo.. Wala na naman xa sinabi ulit namali xa parang ok ok lang sa kanya yung ganun..

Christian Apduhan: Hey Christian you’re against the administration...very simple logic ..if manifest false news intentionally like pia insisting that bong go intervening to Frigate deal! .. in fact the navy general s confirmed that sec. go did not intervene or endorse or subjected or part of the deal!

Joy Macasero: dilaw na dilaw itong host na ito..pres.duterte is the best presrdent ever..hoy mas naraming pinatay ang ibang banda sa drug war nila...

Leo Augustine: an idiotic question coming from an idiot man by comparing the death during martial law and the killings of drug war. it's completely a different thing that's what Panelo said and then he cut the story there.

Napoleon Bonaparte: Mag aral ka muna ng abogasya boy......Abogado yang iniinterview mo...Apat na taon yang nag aaral ng proper law-walang katapusang  discussion at patagisan ng utak sa loob ng klase...:D

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Netizens Reacts on ANC's Christian Esguerra's Interview with Atty. Panelo on Rappler's Fake News Issue Netizens Reacts on ANC's Christian Esguerra's Interview with Atty. Panelo on Rappler's Fake News Issue Reviewed by Phil Newsome on February 23, 2018 Rating: 5
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