Netizen's PhP225.015 Rant Against PLDT Went Viral Online

Concerned netizen Gigo Alampay is now making headlines on social media after his P225.05 Rant against Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) went viral on social media revealing how the telecom giant allegedly sucking money from their customers.

According to Gigo Alampay on his father's landline bill which he paid for, he noticed a "residential line service charge" worth P225.05 charged montly to PLDT users.

In order to clarify the issue, Alampay called PLDT's customer service hotline where, after waiting and listening to elevator music for at least 20 minutes, he was able to finally able to talk with one of their agents.

The PLDT agent explained that Alampay's father's charge includes additional services like National Direct Dial, Call Waiting and a One Philippines Call Plan. Because of the fact that his father wasn't using the service, Alampay asked to just remove those extra services but instead of removing it instantly the agent told the customer that it will not be removed immediately but one at a time.

Here's the Complete Rant of Gigo Alampay Against PLDT:

On my father's landline bill which I pay for, I noticed a "residential line service charge" of P842.68. That exact same item ("residential line service charge") for the landline bill for our house (which is located right beside my father's, as we live in a compound) was for only P617.63, or a P225.05 monthly difference.

So I called PLDT's customer service hotline where, after waiting and listening to elevator music for at least 20 minutes, I was finally able to talk with one of their agents. 

I asked her to explain the discrepancy - hindi pa mainit ulo ko, so it was a simple straightforward ask. She asked me, pleasantly in fairness, to please hold the line so she could check both accounts. 
K, fine.

After about five minutes, she got back online. "Thank you for patiently waiting, sir." 

She then proceeded to tell me something, about which I asked her another thing that she couldn't immediately answer.  So again, pleasantly still, she asked me to hold the line  so she could get an answer. The point, at this point, is not the question I asked - which must have been pointless because I can't remember exactly what that was about. The point, at this point, was that I had to wait another 5 minutes (at least) before she was able to get back. So that’s already more than 30 minutes of my life that I won’t get back.
K, fine.

Finally, she's back on. "Thank you for patiently waiting, sir." She explains that my father's charge includes additional services like National Direct Dial, Call Waiting and a One Philippines Call Plan. That, she said, explained the difference.

I asked her, why weren't those charges itemized in my bill rather than lumping them all together under just "residential line service charge"? 
"Ganun po talaga, sir." 

K, fine. (But now my thought bubble was, "Tangna.")

I wasn’t about to argue, so I just asked "Can I just remove those extra services? My father doesn't use those anyway.”

"Yes, sir," she said. "Pero one at a time lang po."

"Sige," I said. "Tanggalin na natin isa-isa."

"No, sir," sabi niya. "One feature at a time lang po ang puede tanggalin." She then explains, still in the pleasant tone that she somehow maintained throughout the call even as my voice was starting to rise, that I had to request which feature I wanted to remove first, then wait a few days for it to be approved, and then request for the next one to be taken out.

So I said, in a louder and sarcastic tone, "So ibig sabihin niyo, papahirapan niyo muna ang customer niyo para mas malaki lang ang kikitain niyo?"

Sagot niya, "Hindi naman po, sir."

Sabi ko, "Eh, bakit hindi puede sabay-sabay ang request to remove all those features, rather than having me call you again several times just to lower my bill? Alam mo ba kung gaano kahirap tumawag sa inyo? You want me to waste 20 minutes at least two more times?"

Sagot niya, "Sorry sir, not possible."

Sagot ko, "BAKIT NGA HINDI PUEDE? Simple lang naman gusto ko gawin - I want to request that the additional services all be removed at the same time. Please give me the service I deserve!" (Ok, hindi na ako nag "please".)

Sagot niya, "Sige sir, please hold the line, tingnan ko po kung ano puede magawa."

Tangna. K, not fine pero ano magagawa ko.  Mainit na ulo ko, so I get my cell so I can play 2048 while waiting.

Elevator music. Five minutes pass. Then ten. The elevator music starts to stall into static, until there's silence. Tangna, na drop na ata ang call. 

Then the music plays again. For about 2 seconds. And then more silence. Until finally, it comes. The busy signal telling me with finality, you’ve been dropped.

Tangna niyo, PLDT.
It was all very anti-climactic. An angry plea from a disgruntled customer  that ended with no redress - only a beeping tone that impliedly dared to me to call them again. Parang sinasabi ng PLDT sa sarili niya - k lang yan. That's just one customer, and only P225.05 worth of additional services. Pahirapan natin, para hindi na niya tanggalin yung services na yun  (never mind that he doesn't need or use them).

And it's true. Mainit ulo ko, but I have neither the patience nor inclination to call them again. I don't know what I'll do, but more likely than not, I will end up paying the bill.
For a while I was resigned to just sucking it up. What’s the use of calling again, or even ranting? After all, it is just P225.05. 

But multiply that by the millions of landline subscribers that PLDT has, and you can get a sense of how this telco giant greedily sucks money simply by giving its customers the lousy service it is known for. Sucks money to the tune of BILLIONS every year.

So I’m not going down easy. I will rant, and marami akong resbak sa FB!

So, I am tagging my friends who are legislators or members of  their staffs, because surely there are non-trivial consumer protection, competition law, and public utility issues here that deserve several investigations in aid of legislation. 

And I'm tagging my friends who work for the PLDT Group, not to shame you, but simply because you work for PLDT. Baka naman puede mo magawan ng paraan ito so your company can make things easier for your customers. Take it as constructive criticism. But more importantly, baka may magawa kayo so I can have those "services" removed so I can save that extra P225.05 that I can use for Uber instead. 
And I'm tagging my friend reporters and columnists. Your voices are louder than mine. Paos na ako. Kayo naman. Kung trip niyo lang.

Finally, I'm tagging you too, Harry Roque, kasi maski alam ko na wala ka namang magagawa talaga, and hindi ka naman talaga relevant sa rant na ito, baka mas manginig ang tuhod ng PLDT kasi naka-tag ka. Ganyan ako kabilib sa powers mo.
Ayan, hindi na mainit ulo ko. Who knew tagging could be so therapeutic?
Pero tangna niyo pa din, PLDT. Sinira niyo hapon ko.

Source: Gigo Alampay FB Page

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