Family of Late CJ Renato Corona Lauds Dismissal of Tax Evasion Case

The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who was responsible for the decision favoring farmers of Hacienda Luisita, the late Chief Justice Renato Corona whose family became the target of numerous cases filed by the allies of former Pres. PNoy lauded the dismissal of the tax evasion case filed against Corona's daughter Carla in 2012.

According to the statement released by Corona's son Francis, Carla's lawyers Carlos Villaruz and Rean Balisi of the Esguerra and Blanco Law Offices texted "to tell us that Ate's [big sister] cases in the CTA have been dismissed."

The Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) dismissed the case against Corona's daughter Carla. "These cases were filed in 2012 by the Bureau of Internal Revenue under [then commissioner] Kim Henares durign the Aquino administration, obviously as political harassment against [then] Chief Justice Renato Corona," his emailed statement read.

The BIR under former Commissioner Kim Heanares filed cases against Carla, who worked as a licensed physical therapist in the US before she got married, and who invested her savings wisely, and her husband Jojo, a doctor in the Philippines, Francis said.

The son of the late CJ Corona stated that his sister have legitimate, tax-paid income, and have nothing to do with politics. He could never understand how the Aquino administration could file cases against innocent, law-abiding citizens like them.

Francis added further that "Aquino and his cohorts' game is to file cases left and right, without any evidence or iota of truth," Corona added.

The allies of former Pres. Aquino including his appointees in the courts allegedly "aid and abet them" by granting the prosecution's request for subpoenas (for evidence they should already have come to court with) and motions for reconsideration or MRs, "allowing injustice to happen in broad daylight and setting bad precedents for jurisprudence," Corona asserted.

Francis Corona lamented that Henares, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, and former justice secretary Leila de Lima, currently a senator, had filed 29 cases against the late Chief Justice and their other family members.

Source: PTV News

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