Netizens Lambasts Jover Laurio's Interview with BBC Feeling Like She Is the Victim

Netizens took to social media and lambasted Jover Laurio, the author of the controversial Pinoy Ako Blog who came out in the open after she was exposed by popular blogger Thinking Pinoy as one of those behind the blog who keeps on attacking the administration of Pres. Duterte and even posting alleged libelous articles against the supporters of the President.

Pinoy Ako Blog made a name for herself in the online world but most of those supporters were also believers of the of Liberal Party and considered themselves as anti-Duterte online supporters.

Watch the Exclusive Interview with Jover Laurio by BBC:

To the surprise of the online community, Jover Laurio was able to get the attention of the world's leading news media outlet, BBC News who conducted an immediate live interview despite being an unknown name in the political scene in the Philippines.

Netizens were surprised with the attentions from the international media which was received Jover Laurio, the self-confessed author of Pinoy Ako Blog who is allegedly behind some controversial and mostly fake articles against the President.

Veteran university professor, Antonio Contreras lambasts Jover Laurio by saying that "many of us have been threatened too. Over and over." "And now it is the turn of Jover Laurio, it becomes instant news on BBC, with alive interview to match!"

Contreras added further that "And this woman who now speaks as if she is the paragon of virtue has abused her right to speak, hid in the cloak of anonymity, and libeled not only me but other bloggers and even politicians." "I really smell the spin, and it stinks," Contreras said.

Here's How Some Netizens Lambasted Jover Laurio and BBC:

Ann Itoralba: Your pictures, your name and the name of your school can be seen using a simple search engine because you posted them and made the information PUBLICLY AVAILABLE. Don’t play the victim card. You have published pages and pages of libelous statement and now you are getting exactly what you deserve. You were anonymous because you wanted to be free of accountability. What is happening to you now is karma, enjoy it.

Dustin Gaspay: dear BBC this woman is spreading fake news.dnt beleive her

Ferdinand Gonzales: Come on BBC you are better than this. This bitch is spreading fake news in the Philippines. Hatred and divisiveness???? We will never stop cursing you and bashing you it will never stop. It will rain down on you relentlessly. You are fucking liar!!!

ArnoldLenZedZhy Aclan: You are a BIG FAT LIAR, Jover Laurio. You are the one who posted fake news, much more libelous article not only about the government but also of other bloggers and pretend and acted like you were the victim. Shame on you, bitch! Heres my middle finger!

Jennifer Navarro: BBC we challenge you to interview as well thinking pinoy (rj nieto) the one who exposed her identity. Dont you think it's just fair? This girl jover laurio is the one spreading fake news in the philippines, and now that she was finally exposed, is playing the victim card! How pathetic! Know the real story BBC!

JayR Blanco: Against her will? She already posted her identities. She attacked personalities in the senate hiding as Pinoy Ako Blogger? Now playing as a victim? Face the senate not BBC.... BBC prove you are not bias, ask the other side and search the true story. Ask our 7 senators. Who ask this lady to be interviewed?

Source: BBC News, Facebook, YouTube

Netizens Lambasts Jover Laurio's Interview with BBC Feeling Like She Is the Victim Netizens Lambasts Jover Laurio's Interview with BBC Feeling Like She Is the Victim Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 14, 2017 Rating: 5
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