Yolanda Housing Contractor During PNoy's Term Faces Plunder & Perjury Charges

The controversial Yolanda Housing Project contractor, JC Tayag, who constructed the P892 million housing project for "Yolanda" victims during PNoy's term, faces plunder and a string of criminal cases after lawmakers confirmed that the houses the contractor built could jeoperdize the lives of people for containing substandard construction materials.

According to Negros Occidental Rep. Alfredo "Albee" Benitez, chairman of the House Committee on Housing and Urban Development, revealed in an interview with media that they sent an inspection team composed of experts to verify the contractor's denials to the accusations that he had perjured himself.

The lawmaker said that the adverse findings of construction experts gav the House panel substantial reason to determine whether or not inferior construction materials were also used for housing units for all other super-typhoon Yolanda victims funded by the government amounting to P60 billion.

JC Tayag owner of the construction firm bearing his name vehemently denied during a House hearing early this month about the accusations thrown against him by subcontractor Camilo Salazar who revealed that Tayag had used substandard steel and bars for the construction of over 2,000 houses in Balangiga, Hernani and Guiuan towns, in Eastern Samar.

The team of expert sent to inspect the Yolanda Housing project discovered the Salazar was telling the truth when he said that steel bars used in the houses were below the standard set by the National Housing Authority for the construction.

The team, composed of engineers from the NHA and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), found out that instead of 12 mm steel enforcement bars and 20 mm horizontal bars, the constructed houses were undersized by 6 mm and 12  mm, respectively.

Rep. Benitez also warned the DPWH and other government agencies involved in infrastructure construction to inspect the structural integrity of JC Tayag's construction projects in various part of Eastern Visayas.

Benitez also said that he had asked the House Committee on Good Government to jointly conduct the next hearing with his panel to determine whether JC Tayag Builders colluded with government men, particularly the NHA, in committing fraud by constructing and delivering housing units made of substandard and inferior construction materials.

Rep. Evardone also asked the NHA to suspend work on all JC Tayag constructions while an investigation is being conducted.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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