Ex-Army's Analysis of the September 21 Protest Rally of the Anti-Duterte Forces

Veteran intelligence officer and ex-army official, Sir Abe Purugganan made a very interesting analysis on the possible outcome of the highly-publicized September 21, 2017 protest rally of the Anti-Duterte forces who aims to topple the presidency of Pres. Rody Duterte.

The Anti-Duterte forces composed primarily of the members of the opposition party, militant groups, communists and other group of individuals who are not satisfied with the President's war on drugs made a coordinated efforts to staged a People Power revolution and hopes for a different results this time.

According to Sir Abe Purugganan, the Sept. 21 protesters are expecting that people will swell in Luneta to demand for Pres. Duterte to step down, the PNP, AFP, solons and Cabinet officials will break away, former Presidents to join them, Pres. Duterte will step down and majority of the people will surrender their sovereign will but the results will surely surprise the protesters and Pres. Duterte will remain popular.

Here's the Complete Analysis of Sir Abe Purugganan:


1- That people will swell in Luneta and may last for a period of time enough to demand Duterte to step down or stage a revolt like the EDSA people power in '86.
2- That there will be a break away members of the AFP and PNP who will join them like in '86.
3- That there will be cabinet members and officials ton include solons who will abandon the Duterte administration like Sec Mercado and Gen Angelo Reyes who broke away from the Estrada administration in 2001.
4- That prominent political figures like former presidents to join the rally. Noynoy Aquino will join them like FVR who joined them in EDSA 2.
4- That Vice President Robredo will join the rally and to take oath as President of the republic like PGMA in EDSA '2001 if Duterte steps down.
5- That President Duterte will step down like Marcos in 86 and Estrada in 2001.
6- That the majority of our people will surrender their sovereign will to them once Duterte resigns. And the opposition will claim once again the rally as a people power, a direct mandate of the Filipino people like in EDSA 1 & 2.


1- Pres Duterte will not step down or even be overthrown. He is not like Marcos and Estrada.
2- People will not capitulate to them. Instead, they will face the wrath of the Filipino people if the protesters get crazy. Civil war will erupt. And obviously if this happens the opposition will be defeated and purged.
3- Nationwide martial law will be implemented if violence takes place or if armed components will be used by the opposition and the communists. A massive campaign will be launched against the CPP/NPA/NDF.
4- If things get chaotic, a revolutionary government will follow after the declaration of martial law.
5. If it turns out to be peaceful and of no political effect, the opposition / communists can go home and plan another destabilization plan.

Source: Sir Abe Purugganan FB Page

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