Ex-Army Officer Reveals How Pres. Duterte Won the Latest Political Battle vs. the Opposition

The tough-talking President of the Republic, Pres. Rody Duterte felt victorious after the failed attempt of the opposition to topple his administration based on the observation given by a veteran Philippine Army Officer and intelligence officer, Sir Abe Purugganan.

According to Purugganan there are lots of skirmishes between the opposition and the Duterte admin in the past few weeks, the opposition battled to save Comelec Chief Andres Bautista as they successfuly won after Congress rejected the impeachment complaint and a lot of other victories in different fronts but in terms of numbers they were easily defeated by the Pro-Duterte forces during the September 21 Day of Protest.

Although Pres. Duterte became successful on continuing his mandate to serve the majority of the Filipino people as the elite once again succumb to another defeat, Sir Abe Purugganan warned the President to maintain or gain an upper hand against the opposition. There are lots of obstacles that could slow him down as Congress allegedly operates to serve their interest and LP is well positioned in Supreme Court that whill allow the oppositin to impede Pres. Duterte's advance.

The only bright light for President Duterte is the unending support of the DND, AFP, and PNP because the bureaucracy is indeed too slow to react and almost inutile to support the first President from Mindanao.

Here's the Complete Statement of Sir Abe Purugganan:


Here are the skirmishes between the opposition and the Duterte administration in the past weeks:

1- The opposition battled to save Andres Bautista. The impeachment complain against him was rejected by Congress. LP and Robredo are secured with Bautista still in COMELEC.

The impeachment complain was easily rejected. This is a very big victory for the LP. The question is, did money flow to influence the committee just like what they did to Corona?

2- The opposition continuing to wage a battle in the Senate to descredit the President and the First family. Trillianes succeeded in being able to draw the Pres in one on one battle. Trillianes attack is relentless. He gained propaganda mileage. On the other hand, the President is in the defensive position.

3- Impeachment complain for Sereno is on process. Nothing definite. The longer it takes, it would be better for LP.

3- CHR P649.484 budget for 2018 was restored which was initially cut to P1000. Gascon and the opposition won this battle. They have successfully reloaded their resources for their future attacks against Pres Duterte.

4- The Duterte forces felt victorious yesterday. The Sep 21 day of protest may seem to be a loss to the opposition and communists if numbers are the basis.

What have they gained actually? They have advanced their penetration of our youth sector and continue to do so in our schools without any difficulty from schools administration and people from DepEd or CHEd, who seem not to be doing anything to prevent the brainwashing of our young students.

They are building up a political force from our youth for their use in next 4 years. This is strategic.

LP leaders, on the other hand, were just too confident attending mass and visiting the EDSA shrine without regard to numbers.

Trillianes and Hontiveros were absent in yesterday's protest.

So, who is advancing? Tactically and strategically? Which skirmish is the strategic? Which is tactical and diversionary?

What should Pres Duterte do to maintain or gain upper hand? He has many obstacles on his way that slow him down. Congress operates to serve their interest. LP is well positioned in SC that will allow them to impede Duterte's advance. Except for DND, AFP, and PNP, the bureacracy is too slow, almost inutile to support him.

Source: Abe Purugganan FB Page

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