Atty. Rivera Lambasts Inday Espina Varona for Criticizing DDS Bloggers as Media Representatives in ASEAN

Veteran social media blogger and a well-known defender of Pres. Rody Duterte, Atty. Bruce Villafuerte Rivera lambasts veteran journalist Inday Espina-Varona for criticizing the bloggers who belongs to the DDS for representing the Philippine media in an ASEAN gathering.

In the official Facebook Page of Inday Espina-Varona she wanted to know who signed the media assignment document, whether it was signed by employer or, for freelance journalists, a company that has hired him/her to cover an event.

Varona also asked about DDS, the owners, and editors of DDS, whether it's the Palace or where processing happened.

Due to the statement of the Inday Espina Varona, Atty. Bruce Rivera, one of those who attended the ASEAN event as DDS rebukes the veteran journalist as he explained that they worked for free because it was voluntary.

Here's the Complete Statement of Atty. Bruce Rivera:

First of all, you know there is no DDS. No such media entity. We are as shocked as you are when we saw the ID. And what employer? We worked for free. It was voluntary. We were not even given a room in the Conrad Hotel but we did not mind because we are just volunteers. The only thing we got out of the event was the free buffet dinner (and lunch, for some). We brought our own clothes, own make-up and my own transportation though several of us were transported to the venue. We did not even use the airtime of PTV 4 but our own site and pages.

And you are talking of owners? Really. You once supported Duterte so you know the bloggers were not paid. So it baffles me why some bloggers (not the ones on our side) would pay a company to boost their following with monthly payments of up to PhP30k. Itanong ko kaya sa yo yan. The company that boosted your followers approached me with the same offer. Kaso hindi ko afford. KASI NGA WALA KAMING BAYAD.

And why do we need accreditation. We are bloggers. As the name implies, we blog. We post opinions, commentaries and literary work. WE DO NOT PRESENT THE NEWS. We are not a news outfit. Hence we have no obligation to be impartial, objective and straightforward. It is about opinions. So why do we need accreditation? So an agency will edit and tell us what to say or not to say. Why demand such accountability from us when you have news agencies accredited to the hilt who do function as the town gossip or the village whore.

You so righteously demand freedom of speech for yourselves and yet you want to silence the lowly bloggers like me. I call that hypocritical.

Nobody wants your jobs, mainstream media. I am already a lawyer. It is a demotion to be considered in your level. But I do it with the others in Status Hot for free because we need represent the bloggers. Not the yellow bloggers. Rappler is doing a fine job.

The people who voted for this President no longer trust what the mainstream media has to say. Not our fault. You made your bed. We are just responding to a need. A need that the PCOO had to address. Again, not their fault.

And since you are so fond of asking questions, I ask this question: WHY DO FILIPINOS DISTRUST MAINSTREAM MEDIA? Perhaps a self-reflection is needed instead of attacking those who just want to bridge the gap your kind created when they decided money matters more than integrity.

Lastly, I hope you will be as tenacious in asking Andy Bautista where he got the money in the same bravado you asked me.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera
MJ Quiambao Reyes
Rocky Gonzales
Francis Manalo
Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio
Pebbles Duque
Martin Andanar
RJ Nieto
Sass Rogando Sasot
Lorraine Marie T. Badoy
Tom Berenguer
Darwin CaƱete
Trixie Cruz-Angeles
Ahmed G Paglinawan
Antonio P. Contreras
Orion Perez D
Krizette Laureta Chu
Mans Carpio
Mark Lopez
Mike Acebedo Lopez
Andrew Olivar

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera
Atty. Rivera Lambasts Inday Espina Varona for Criticizing DDS Bloggers as Media Representatives in ASEAN Atty. Rivera Lambasts Inday Espina Varona for Criticizing DDS Bloggers as Media Representatives in ASEAN Reviewed by PhilNewsXYZ on August 07, 2017 Rating: 5
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