European-Based Political Analyst Lambasts Rep. Lagman for Questioning Martial Law Declaration in Mindanao

European-based political analyt and a known defender of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, Sass Rogando Sasot lambasts Liberal Party member and Albay Representative Edcel Lagman for questioning the existence of rebellion or invasion in Mindanao, which served as grounds that Pres. Duterte declared Martial Law.

During the oral arguments at the Supreme Court, Rep. Lagman stated in his opening statement that all the petitioners condemned the acts of terrorism committed in Marawi City by local criminal groups, but said such acts do not necessarily equate to rebellion or invasion.

Rep. Lagman explained and cited the 1987 Constitution that says "Rebellion has a culpable purpose: removing the Philippines or part of thereof from allegiance to the republic, or preventing the President or the Legislature from exercising their powers and prerogatives," the Constitution said.

Due to the statement released by Rep. Lagman, European-based political analyst Sass Rogando Sasot asked what could be the intention of ISIS in Marawi City if their purpose is not invasion or rebellion.

Here's the Complete Statement of Sass Rogando Sasot:

Edcel Lagman: "“Rebellion has a culpable purpose: removing the Philippines or a part thereof from allegiance to the Republic or preventing the President or the Legislature from exercising their powers and prerogatives...This culpable purpose is utterly absent in the alleged ‘rebellion’ in Marawi City and elsewhere in Mindanao.” anong intention ng ISIS Fans Club sa Marawi? To just occupy Marawi and continue their allegiance to our Republic? So nakikipag-gera sila laban sa government natin for the purpose of continuing their allegiance to our Republic? Congressman Lagman, okay lang kayo?

Watch the Oral Arguments on Martial Law Declarations:

Here's Some of the Reactions from Netizens:

Jam Matty-Jam: Ano ba naman yan.. given your high credentials, bulag-bulagan ang peg? I am from Iligan City mindanao and the people here supports martial law 100%! Our lives are at stake here.. its not for them to decide!! Martial law was able to prevent spill over to spread to iligan city.. why do u act so indifferent on what the people of mindanao wants! We are not oppressed coz of martial law.. we are oppressed by this hideous terrorist groups na walang awa na papatay! We are oppressed by those lawmakers who are apathetic, unsympathetic on our safety and security! Please lang imulat nyo mata nyo ano ang nangyayari dito..andami na po namamatay sundalo.. people lost their homes driven away from their land.. andaming evacuees dito sa iligan city po. May mga threats pa rin po dito..hindi po martial law ang issue dito! SAFETY AND SECURITY THAT MARTIAL LAW BRINGS!

Rane Teves: So what? Mindanao isn't part of Philippines? That you don't care if ISIS will take the entirety of the island? Attacking Mindanao is a direct challenge against the Republic itself! Isn't that rebellion itself? To risk stating the obvious, Mindanao is part of the islands that form Philippines. Foolish yellow pig.

Dihsmar Habusamma Chiang Alludihas: Ang ISIS fans club at maute panahon pa lng ni panot kalaban na ng gobyerno Mr lagman! Ngaun pumasok sa Marawi City may dala-dalang high powered n mga armas alangan nmn na ipagwalang bahala ng PNP at Militar! Ano gagawin i-welcome at magparty!? Nasaan ang utak!?

Mario Timosa Saranillo: While our president is doing all he can to keep us safe from terrorism, our so-called elite politicians are doing all they can to advance their personal agenda. I lost all my trust and faith in them..I don't know if there is still a chance for this country to rise again having these kind of polliticians in our bureucracy. I think the president needs to declare martial law for the entire country and hang these abusive politicians upside down or together we fall if we stand divided. We are used to be living with this kind of situation in mindanao and I don't know how the people of luzon and the visayas will respond given the same situation in their backyard. These are the things that the President wants to avoid spreading to other areas by declaring martial law in mindanao and the mindanaoans has expressed its overwhelming support..mao nga kung hatagan pa ko ug higayon nga maka witness nga pang bitayon ug pamutlan ug u...... nang mga politician nga supak sa martial law diris mindanao unya d raba taga mindanao? d jud ko mamilok ug mag lechon pa ko inig ka human nilag katigbak...

Ginalyn Dela Torre Ludovice: Mga kababayan kong tunay na Pilpino,pinipilit ng dilawan,Hindi rebellion nor invasion,sige, isang umaga,angular na lng ang mga taga Marawi sa pagdating ng mga Maute,naglaro ng patintero at taguan,ang taya,mga mamamayan at sundalo.Ang kaswapangan sa position ay nakakabulag to the extent na pati utak ay natutunaw at ginagawang tanga ang mga kausap

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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