Netizen Who Defends Sec. Cimatu's Appointment Revealed why Former DENR Sec. Reyes Was Destroyed

A concerned netizen defended the appointment of former AFP Chief Roy Cimatu who was appointed by Pres. Rody Duterte as secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as he compared Cimatu to former DENR Sec. Angelo Reyes who was allegedly destroyed by the previous admin.

Concerned netizen Kristoffer Allen Ardanas shared his comments and revelations in the comment section of CNN Philippines as he defended the former AFP chief Cimatu from the people who doubt his capability to take care of the environment.

According to Ardanas, the late Angelo Reyes was also appointed as Environment Secretary and one of his achievement was the suspension of the controversial SR Metals mining company owned by Eric Gutierrez, one of the biggest supporter and contributor of the Liberal Party.

Ardanas stated the following:

“To those who will complain that this guy knows nothing about the environment because he is just a former military. Angelo Reyes was also former military and yet he was appointed DENR secretary. He actually also had the balls to suspend SR Metals. Noynoy actually awarded SR Metals in Malacanang during his time even though SR Metals have several violations,” Ardanas said.

Remember what happened to Angelo Reyes during Aquino’s admin?” He added.

The concerned netizen stated that he became interested on Angelo Reyes case because the former DENR Secretary suspended the mining operation of one of the closest ally f the Liberal Party and after that he faced a corruption scandal that made him to kill himself because of the pressure. 

“Back in 2006, Angelo Reyes suspended SR Metals, owned by Eric Gutierrez. Then in 2010 Eric Gutierrez supported Noynoy’s campaign, let him use his private jets, and funded his campagin. Then in 2011 we all know what happened to Angelo Reyes. Aquino even awarded SR Metals in Malacanang lol, then Eric Gutierrez kept on supporting LP and Mar Roxas’s campaign in 2016,” Ardanas said.

The controversial owner of SR Metals in Agusan is the one repeatedly criticized by Pres. Duterte during the campaign period for allegedly raping the government. Some former SR Metals employees also said that Gutierrez funded the campaign of former Pres. Aquino and his chopper was also used to take pictures of the controversial "Hacienda Binay."

Guiterrez also reportedly offered his jets to the defeated presidential candidate Mar Roxas so he can use it during the campaign period. During the Aquino admin, Angelo Reyes was accused of receiving P40-million send-of money also known as "pabaon" when he retired from the Armed Forces. Two weeks later, Reyes committed suicide because of the pressure from the media and a senator who called him "gutless coward."

Sources: Facebook / CNN Philippines

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