R. Tiglao Declares VP Leni Robredo as Politically Dead

Veteran journalist and columnist of The Manila Times, Rigoberto Tiglao declared on his latest column that the Vice President of the Philippines, VP Leni Robredo is "politically dead," because of the failures she made during the past few days.

According to Tiglao if the Yellow Cult still believes that VP Leni is their great hope for recapturing power, they should squarely face the facts. When they do so, the inescapable conclusion is that she is politically dead, and what we see now is a mere ghost who cannot accept her demise.

The veteran columnist who is a known critic of the Aquino administration also discussed the "Palit-Bise" rally which is considered as the very first in our history undertakent to demand that a Vice President to give up her post. The event is also groundbreaking because of the fact that it was organized through social media.

One of the reason of the Palit-Bise rally was VP Leni's alleged cheating during the national eletions, but the most important reason is that she is just hated so much, perhaps for her unending tirades against a popular President Rody Duterte.

What is very interesting in Robredo’s political demise is that in this case, her ruination as a political force is so crystal-clear in social media, but of which traditional media is oblivious.

R. Tiglao also revealed that four of the five broadsheets reported Sunday's "Palit-Bise" rally only as minor news stories and only reported in their inside pages. It is only the Manila Times that reported such a major historic event in its front page, with an accompanying photo.

To know more about the commentary of R. Tiglao just head on to the official website of The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

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