"We Are Collective" Challenge VP Leni Robredo to Answer the NagaLeaks Expose

The newest social media sensation, "We Are Collective" Facebook Page and website challenge Vice President Leni Robredo to answer the NagaLeaks Expose one by one and urged her not to release a statement that some groups are silencing her.

In an interview with Inquirer, an alleged biased media according to some Pro-Duterte netizens, released a news article that the latest leaks against her "was only meant to silence her."

According to VP Leni's message to the Duterte admin, the so-called "Naga Leaks" would not silence her and she would continue to voice out her stand on issues even if these ran counter to the policies of the administration.

Some netizens on social media claimed that the report of Inquirer about the NagaLeaks is a shallow one because they only mentioned the topic once and focus mainly on the side of Vice Pres. Robredo as they allegedly tried to defend the Vice President from an explosive expose by "We Are Collective."

The group responsible for the controversial "NagaLeaks" also released a statement challenging the Vice President to released a counter-statement over their expose because the NagaLeaks is just starting.

Here's the Complete Statement of We Are Collective:

Peeps ayan kumuda na si Leni. And what a surprise Inquirer picked this up although as expected boses at panig lang ni Leni ang kukunin. 

Ano nga uli Leni? We can't silence you?

E hinahamon ka nga namin pumunta dito e sagutin mo isa isa yang mga issues dahil part 1 palang yan yung sa asawa mo pa lang wala pa yung sayo. 

Nobody's silencing you. In fact, we want you to speak up. 

Ano totoo ba na drug protector kayo? Totoo na marami kayong tagong yaman at undeclared assets? 

Kilala namin lahat ng dummy ni Jess. At hindi pa namin pinapangalanan. Totoo ba na pinaligpit ninyo si Ka Emil? Na sainyo ang Lansbergh Place? At isa pang malaking gusali sa timog pwera nun?
Please Leni indulge us. Blanket denials won't work. We want detailed answers.
We'll be waiting.

Source: We Are Collective FB Page

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