Sen. Cayetano Reveals Plot of Ousting Pres. Duterte During SONA 2017 through Mass Resignation

One of the country's most prominent lawmaker, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetno revealed some plots of ousting President Rody Duterte from office which is scheduled by the Anti-Duterte forces this coming SONA 2017. According to Sen. Cayetano the ouster plot will be made through planned mass resignation.

The former Vice Presidential candidate, Sen. Cayetano revealed some reliable sources relayed to him that there are groups plotting against Pres. Rody Duterte who are now busy recruiting officials in government to join a planned mass resignation as part of a bigger scheme to destabilize the administration.

Opposition of Pres. Rody Duterte's on his leadership of change are planning for a major protest action for the ouster of the former Mayor from Davao City during the State of the Nation this coming July 2017.

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano said that government officials, particularly those in holdover capacities or those who were appointed by former Pres. Aquino, were being convinced by Anti-Duterte groups to join the mass resignation to stage a scenario of withdrawal of support for Pres. Duterte.

Although the senator did not disclose his sources of information of information, the key Duterte ally said that officials who are set to retire and those who are about to be fired are also being targeted by the groups.

In an interview with dzBB, Sen. Cayetano was quoted as saying "We are not new to destabilization schemes. I’m not saying that the events in the past are not legitimate, but people who want Duterte out are trying to replicate these scenarios in a bid to get people’s support and we are keeping an eye on them,” Cayetano said.

Sen. Cayetano also revealed that the original plan of the opposition or the Anti-Duterte people was to come out big against Pres. Duterte during the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the 1986 EDSA "People Power" revolt, but this did not materialize due to non-support of majorities of Filipinos in Metro Manila.

The senator also noted that the groups planning for Pres. Duterte's ouster were conducting an inventory of government activities dissatisfied with Pres. Duterte, particularly those names included in the narco-list.

Source: The Manila Bulletin / dzBB

We have monitored the political movement, these groups are talking to government officials not to vacate their respective posts yet and join the planned mass resignation to create an impression that there’s a massive withdrawal of support to the administration,” said Cayetano in an interview aired over radio station dzBB.

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