R. Tiglao Exposed LTO Records Showing Aquino Never Bought or Sold a Porsche

Veteran columnist Rigoberto Tiglao exposed the Land Transportation Office (LTO) records of former President Benigno Aquino III showing that he never bought or sold an expensive Porsche car. The LTO records proved that the former President did not sold his Porsche 911 Carrera car which he claimed he bought for P5 million.

The controversial Porsche car of the former President made headlines just months into his presidency but he explained that he bought the luxury car with the proceeds he got when he sold his BMW.

Because of the furor from such display of opulence, Pres. Aquino claimed to have sold it six months later for exactly the same price.

According to Tiglao during that time he asked through his column the LTO to release the car's deed of sale and registration to prove that it was not a gift from a Chinese-Filipino tycoon as rumored by some individuals critical to the President.

The only possible way to discover whether the Porsche luxury was indeed sold was through the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill but after six long years, the FOI failed to pass therefore the press could not demand that he disclose the deeds of sale and LTO registrations for his purchase and sale of his BMW.

Unlike Pres. Duterte, who simply signed an Executive Order requiring government agencies to release any information they have, subject to certain restrictions such as national security and people's right to privacy under the Constitution.

The columnist Rigoberto Tiglao made an effort to investigate the sale and purchase of Aquino's Porsche and wrote a letter to LTO head Edgar Galvante and asked for the deeds of sale and registration papers of the Porsche Aquino had bought and sold.

The LTO head Edgar Galvante's reply and that of his staff: "LTO records, which are in computerized database, DO NOT SHOW Aquino having a Porsche 911, nor a BMW he said he sold to buy the new sports car.

Former President Aquino's records show that the only cars under his name are a 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser he registered in January 1, 2000 and a 2016 Ford Explorer registered June 15, 2016, two weeks before he stepped down as President.

Source: The Manila Times

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