OFWs From Canada Airs Complaint on the Effects of VP Leni's "Fake News' Presented to the UN

According to DILG Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing III, an OFW from Montreal Canada called him up and talked for close to 20 minutes just to share her bad experience with her Canadian friends and employer after the controversial video of VP Leni Robredo was shown to the international community portraying the Philippines as a country whose EJK was allegedly tolerated by the President.

The OFW from Canada defends the Philippines from the bad image VP Leni Robredo created when she maligned the Philippines before the UN Conference in Austria.

According to Densing, the OFW feels very sad, angry and tired of explaining left and right of he true improved peace and order situation in the Philippines.

The DILG Asec also revealed that the said OFW who shared her experience on the effects of VP Leni's video, volunteered to execute an affidavit, together with other Filipinos in Canada, they've been negatively affected by the "Fake News" of VP Leni and the Liberal Party.

Here's the Statement of DILG Asec Densing:

Aside from the story shared by Asec Densing, Thinking Pinoy or RJ Nieto also shared a similar experience by another Filipino OFW in Canada. 

Here's the Complaint Sent Through Thinking Pinoy:


Hi TP!

Just read the post you shared about an OFW in Canada. I had the same experience few weeks ago. I was hired to work with an airline sa Munich Int'l Airport, and one of the requirements to acquire an Airport ID is a background check so they asked my NBI Clearance from PH and had it authenticated.

While I was on the training, they told me I couldn't continue working with them anymore for the reason that they do NOT accept documents from Philippines and was even actually compared our country to Pakistan, Iraq and so. They also pin pointed that Philippines is a corrupted country and documents can be falsified.

Hindi ako nanghihinayang sa trabaho. I am hurting because that's how they see Philippines.

We, Filipinos working abroad, are working our asses off every single day and proving to the world that most of the Filipinos are great and can be trusted.


NOTE: The Canada OFWs post is about foreigners forming an increasingly very negative opinion of the Philippines as VP Leni Robredo and company continue to paint an apocalyptic domestic situation. This has to stop.


Source: Facebook

OFWs From Canada Airs Complaint on the Effects of VP Leni's "Fake News' Presented to the UN OFWs From Canada Airs Complaint on the Effects of VP Leni's "Fake News' Presented to the UN Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 3/29/2017 Rating: 5

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