Netizen Exposed Credibility of Atty. Jude Sabio the lawyer of Matobato for His ICC Case Against Pres. Duterte

Concerned netizen and renowned Pro-Duterte blogger and supporter Krizette Laureta Chu uncover the identity and credibility of Atty. Jude Sabio, the lawyer of self-confessed DDS hitman Edgar Matobato who filed a case against Pres. Duterte to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The lawyer of self-confessed former Davao Death Squad member Edgar Matobato is filing a case against Pres. Duterte before the International Criminal Court (ICC) by end of March. Atty. Jude Sabio revealed to the media that he will fly to the Netherlands to file a case of crimes against humanity over EJK attributed to the President. 

Meanwhile, Krizette Laureta Chu revealed on his Facebook Page the real identity of Jude Sabio who earlier filed his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for senator under the banner of Presidential candidate Roy Seneres.

Atty. Jude Sabio once criticized the Liberal Party especially the administration of Pres. Aquino for alleged graft and corruption issues. Some netizens questioned the credibility of Atty. Sabio because of his stand against corruption but right now he is allegedly closely working with the Liberal Party.

Before being given the opportunity to work with newly released suspect Edgar Matobato who posted a P200,000 bail, Atty. Sabio wrote an Open Letter Against the Liberal Party and other suspected people allegedly involved in graft and corruption.

Here's the Complete Open Letter of Atty. Jude Sabio for Mindanao Gold Star Daily:

WITH distinct pride and honor, I filed my COC for senator with the Comelec Manila last 16 October 2015 together with former ambassador and incumbent OFW Family Club partylist Congressman Roy Seneres who is running for President.  Our party is the Partido ng Manggagawa at Magsasaka.

In a chance meeting with Amb./Cong. Seneres in Butuan in November 2014 after I had filed my graft complaint with the Ombudsman against former and incumbent congressmen of Misamis Oriental/Cagayan de Oro, he immediately issued a public statement published in your daily newspaper in support of the graft complaint filed by me.

I was astonished by the depth of his personal conviction against graft and corruption, noting that he is in incumbent congressman.  To my disbelief, he came out with his public statement, unmindful about the possible adverse reactions of his colleagues in Congress.

In that meeting, he told me to be one of his senatorial candidates from Mindanao, to which I was humbled and lost with words on how to react in utter awe.

As time passed by, I thought he would back out from the race.  So on the first day for filing, I was supposed to file my coc for congressman (independent) for the 2nd dist of Misamis Oriental.
But he firmly told me he would  continue with his intention to run for president.  So on 12 October 2015, I backed out of the congressional race.

Due to my previous commitment to him, I mustered all the strength and courage to accept the challenge, knowing fully well my obscurity in the national scene.  but i am unfazed.

From my perspective, running under him is consistent with my stand against graft and corruption.  The present administration is the author of the priority development assistance fund, or popularly known  as the pork barrel, and the DAP, which were both thrown into the garbage by the Supreme Court.  It is this daang matuwid administration that ironically used funds from DAP to utilize P50 million for each senator as a reward to vote for the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona.

UNA’s bet Vice President Jojo Binay epitomizes not just graft and corruption in a grand detestable scale but also the perfect form of political dynasty in a national scale.  From all reliable accounts, Binay has amassed ill-gotten wealth during his long rein as mayor of Makati City, and the country cannot afford his becoming a president  replicating his public raid on the national treasury.

To my mind, Grace Poe is disqualified to be President due to her lack of natural born citizenship and her lack of 10-year residency.  Based on pertinent decisions of the Supreme, notable of which are its decision regarding Mayor Arnado of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte and regarding a mayor of Batangas (which decision came out two days ago), I am of the well-considered and humble view that, when everything is said and done, Grace Poe is not eligible to be a presidential candidate, much less to occupy the highest office of President.  Dura lex sed lex.  The law may be hard but it is the law.  In my humble opinion, a constitutional standard of qualification for public office is a matter for the court to decide, because it is eminently a legal and constitutional issue.  The people can only exercise their sovereign right to vote and elect once a candidate possesses all the qualifications for a public office.

Cong. Seneres was a long-time ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.  He has shown compassion and sterling  public service when he saved our countryman Sarah Balabagan from the death penalty in UAE.  He became chairman of the National Labor Relations Commission, and out of his conviction, he resigned from such post in protest against the discredited Arroyo administration.
As incumbent partlist congressman, he has  been championing and will continue to champion the cause of our more than 10 million OFWs who have been in continuing exodus to foreign and hostile foreign lands due to lack of opportunities in our country.

As a candidate of the Partido ng Manggagawa at Magsasaka, he champions the cause of our laborers in seeking to abolish the contractualization of employment all over the country, which is blatantly against the security of tenure of labor enshrined in our Constitution and labor laws.

He is also fighting against graft and corruption in all forms, including the pork barrel system, which is one of the main causes of massive and endemic poverty in our country and the OFW exodus.
I am joining him in this nationwide campaign, and hope that our countrymen will support us to victory. ––Jude Sabio,

Source: Facebook / Mindanao Gold Star Daily

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