Columnist Jojo Robles Exposed Sen. Drilon's Alleged Tactics & Scam

Veteran columnist Jojo Robles exposed the tactics and alleged scam of Senator Franklin Drilon and the entire Liberal Party who were recently sacked from their respective committee chairmanships in the Philippine Senate.

According to Robles, the Liberal Party and the group of Sen. Franklin Drilon wanted to point out that their group had contributed six votes to install Sen. Koko Pimentel as Senate President, thereby making them allies in the so-called super-majority.

Despite being members of the super-majority, the Liberal Party senators keeps on being critical with the Duterte administration while enjoying the perks of being chairpersons of some powerful Senate Committees.

The allies of Pres. Duterte only discovered later that if their colleagues across the political aisle are going to act like the enemy, then they shouldn't enjoy the perks that go with being allies.

Liberal Party made some victory earlier with the approval of the re-opening of the controversial DDS issue accusing former Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte as the mastermind of the alleged groups but their victory came at a terrible price, by way of a knockout blow from Sen. Manny Pacquiao, who started the process of removing the Liberals from their chairmanships.

According to Robles he understand how difficult for the senators to boot out Sen. Drion and his gang of two-timing Liberals from their lucrative chairmanships. The Senate, after all, is a hyper-exclusive club of chummy-chummy politicians who have proven national constituencies and who consider each other the ultimate political elite.

Jojo Robles added further that "But this club atmosphere was exploited and abused by Drilon and his LPs, who thought that by remaining nominally in the “super majority,” they no longer had any obligation to respect the majority’s agenda. And so, like the Yellows outside the Senate, they overstayed their welcome and even tried to find the higher moral ground after being exposed as the political opportunists that they really are," Robles stated.

To Know More About Sen. Drilon's Alleged Scam, Read the full article written by Jojo Robles by visiting the official website of the Manila Standard.

Source: Manila Standard

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