Witness How Jim Paredes Confronts Duterte Youth Supporters on Their Rally Opposite the EDSA 31 Rally

Veteran singer and a well-known critic of Pres. Rody Duterte, APO's Jim Paredes confronts the organizers of the Duterte Youth who made a gathering in front of the EDSA 31 Rally. The incident featuring a near scuffle between the Duterte Youth and the group of Jim Paredes was caught on camera.

This is NOT the Video, the Video can be Found Below
Febook user Jamela Alindogan-Cauldron caught the near scuffle between the leader of Duterte Youth who was identified as Ronald Cardema who once met with Pres. Duterte and planned to recruit at least 1 million members in 2017.

Watch the Viral Video of Jim Paredes Confronting Duterte Youth Member's Rally at EDSA:

Apo Hiking Society member Jim Paredes confronted the Duterte Youth who came to EDSA for them to show their support to the President and to defend Pres. Rody Duterte.

Netizens who witness the video between the Duterte Youth Supporters and Jim Paredes' near scuffle during the EDSA 31 rally caught the attentions of netizens. Some Pro-Duterte supporters lambasts Jim Paredes for attacking the Duterte Youth members who were just expressing their freedom of expression.

Some netizens were also asking whether EDSA now belongs only to the Yellow group and those who are not supporters of the Liberal Party are not allowed to hold a rally at EDSA

Here's Some of the Comment on Social Media:

Don B. Fabello · 2:07 Tapos na panahon niyo Jim wag mong ipilit ang iyong paninindigan dahil kayo ay magka iba..file a case against the President the streets are not the proper forum for your rants....You seem going ballistic Jim! Shame on you Jim! Open your mind! You are a true bloodied Yellow! Dont force them to stand like you!

Michael Coson · 1:47 Jim Paredes is the one attacking. Why can't he just let those guys stay.

Mailyn Omandam · correct ! EDSA is a part of the Philippines and these guys is Filipino, everyone have a freedom to express their stands and loyalty to the President in any part of this country. Therefore nobody have rights to claim that EDSA is for any political party. The EDSA is for the Filipino People and NOT for the LIBERALS! from Fb source

Babyruth Villarama-Gutierrez · 6:29 This is sad. Filipinos bullying fellow Filipinos because they have different political leanings. Is this the spirit of EDSA now. 

Ryan Fredeluces · 0:00 Salute to these Duterte supporters... They showed more class than these "disente" yellows, who kept provoking them.
You are the one deluded Jim Paredes. No class at all (puro yabang at hangin lang).

Rudy Camposano Bisco · 5:03 Mr. Jim Paredes all the problems in Philippines was just created by the past administration. Instead of creating scenario give solutions or help the government. You're a fake Filipino.

Source: Facebook 

Witness How Jim Paredes Confronts Duterte Youth Supporters on Their Rally Opposite the EDSA 31 Rally Witness How Jim Paredes Confronts Duterte Youth Supporters on Their Rally Opposite the EDSA 31 Rally Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 2/25/2017 Rating: 5

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