Mocha Uson Reveals Why the EDSA Plan of the Yellows Flop

Veteran singer and one of the country's most popular social media personality Mocha Uson revealed the main reason why the Yellow's EDSA plan flop last February 25, 2017. In the latest column of Mocha Uson for the Philippine Star she stated that the first People Power showed how the Filipino people, when united, could send a strong message and take back the country for themselves.

According to Mocha Uson the Yellow Party's EDSA 31 Plans flop due to the fact that for three decades have passed but the leaders inconsistency with their real bosses, or their failure to put the Filipino people first, the spirit of EDSA failed this time around.

The Yellow politicians togethere with their few supporters gathered last week at the People Power Monument to honor the 31st anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. The Yellows did more than just commemorate the anniversary of People Power, they tried to use the event to present Duterte as the next Marcos and failed bigtime.

Aside from not heeding the people's interest first, the Yellow's EDSA Plan failed because of the fact that the lost the main ingredients of a successful people power revolution, the Filipino People. As of 7:30 PM last February 25, the number of people at the EDSA People Power Monument was at 1,300 although the organizers claimed they managed  to convince around 9,000 protesters.

For the Duterte Support Rally at the Quirino Grandstand, the PNP estimated that the number of people was at 200,000 from around 7:00 PM. Aside form the people converge in Luneta to support Pres. Duterte, thousands of Filipinos from all around the world and all over the Philippines supported the call to support the President's War on Drugs, Crimes and Corruptions.

To Read More about the Column of Mocha Uson on Philippine Star, head on to the official website of the Philippine Star.

Source: PhilStar

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