Mindanao Railway Project to Generate 100,000 Jobs for Filipinos

Mindanao Development Authority Datu HJ. Abul Khayr Alonto confirmed to local media in Mindanao that more than 100,000 jobs will be available as soon as construction of the highly anticipated Mindanao Railway Project under the administration of Pres. Rody Duterte.

Based on initial report, the feasibility study for the Mindanao Railway Project, one of the biggest infrastructure project of Pres. Duterte, is already taken and construction is eyed to commenced this year 2017.

The Mindanao Dvelopment Authority also revealed that 20,000 jobs will be available also for Chinese workers because high-technical knowledge is required for the said jobs which will be financed by the Chinese government.

In terms of job allocations, 80% jobs will be given to the Filipinos while the remaining 20% will be allocated for Chinese workers. The 100,000 jobs available for Filipinos is just for the construction phase of the Mindanao Railway Project and another set of workers will be available during the actual railway operation.

During the initial stages of the Mindanao Railway Project planning, Transportation Sec. Art Tugade eyed to award the contract to either China, Japan or Korean contractors before 2017 but Socioeconomic Planning Sec. Ernesto Pernia confirmed that the construction of the said project will be awarded to Chinese contractors.

Mindanao Development Authority announced that the Chinese will fund the project, one of the ambitious project under the Duterte administration.

Mindanao Railway System will operate high-speed trains. This is to further improve the connectivity between cities in Mindanao, as Mindanao Development Authority envisioned it to be. It will improve logistics in Mindanao and will surely help uplift economy in the island.

Source: SunStar Davao / Philippine News Agency

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