Netizen Lambasts Mainstream Media for Alleged Biased News in Favor of VP Leni Robredo

A concerned netizen shared his views on Facebook on how the mainstream media allegedly manipulates on what news they should published on a daily basis. Facebook user Mark Lopez shared on his timeline on how the Headlines of today's news outlet showcased the Vice President on their news report.

According to Mark Lopez most of the news media outlets reported about the insignificant statements and happenings involving Vice President Leni Robredo.

All the unimportant and irrelevant issues were covered extensively by the alleged biased media but they failed to make some news articles about the achievements of Pres. Rody Duterte which the mainstream media might consider as less worthy news.

Netizens were then quick to support the observation made by Lopez on Facebook as his post went viral immediately. His statements titled "Stranglehold" made headlines on social media after some popular social media personality such as Sass Rogando Sasot, Antonio Contreras an other prominent DDS warriors shared his observation with the mainstream media.

Here's the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez that Went Viral on Facebook:

... and now the HEADLINES -

"Robredo Disinvited in Vin D'Honneur"
"Robredo: am not part of ouster plot"
"Robredo warns Duterte on threat to mayors"
"Robredo: Don't mind the trolls; Just fulfill my mandate"
"Robredo has high trust rating" (despite significant drop) 

All these unimportant and irrelevant issues covered extensively, prominently and continuously by mainstream media. They are the headlines. They are the banner. They are the featured news. 

Never in the colorful history of this country have we witnessed an idle and non-performing Vice President be given so much attention, space and image build up by a supposedly objective and neutral mass media. 

Meanwhile, here's what's happening on the ground:

"SSS Pension increase approved"
"Teachers, Police, Soldiers' salary increase granted"
"More Drug rehab centers planned"
"Duterte approval rating still at 83%"
"Duterte holds 1st ever Vin D'Honneur"
"More Foreign Investments pouring in"
"Duterte is Asian person of the year"

In normal times, these issues scream and should be trending topics for their immense impact on society.

So tell me my dear fellow Filipinos, is it really me trolling, or is there really a despicable and brazen attempt to divide this country and sow intrigue and confusion, not only by media, but by loser elitists and the upper echelon, academe and church because all their power, influence and stranglehold on our benighted nation are severely threatened? 

Should we continue to let these traitors, greedy oligarchs and their social climbing minions choke us and the future of our country?

Or should we stand behind our current leadership, and fight for our motherland?
Is there even a choice?

Or is everything very clear?
You tell me...

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page
Netizen Lambasts Mainstream Media for Alleged Biased News in Favor of VP Leni Robredo Netizen Lambasts Mainstream Media for Alleged Biased News in Favor of VP Leni Robredo Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 12, 2017 Rating: 5
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