German Industrial Group Thyssenkrupp AG to Help Industrialize the Philippines

One of the world's leading German company, Thyssenkrupp AG promised to help industrialize the Philippines under the administration of Pres. Rody Duterte. The German industrial group has more than 155,000 employees worldwide distributed in 670 member companies producing projects from tinplate to submarines and generated an annual sales of 40 billion euros.

Thyssenkrupp AG combined the resources of the two companies Thyssen and Krupp - both steel makers and weapon producers during the 1930s that became controversial at that time for helping Germany became conqueror of nations.

The German company is interested to design factories, power plants, heavy machineries, infrastructure and elevators for Philippine companies.

According to Jan Leuder, chief executive of Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd., "There are lots of opportunities which the company see in the Philippines where they can support and help being a partner for Philippine industries. This is the reason why they are here."

The world-renowned industrial company is based in Duisburg and Essen in Germany, they does not only produce engines and machines but they builds the factories and production facilities that manufacture those engines and machines.

Based on the plans of the German company they wanted to help the Philippines in the development of infrastructure and power sectors to help he country achieve its industrialization program under the Duterte administration.

Shown are (from left) Vivek Bhatia, CEO for Asia Pacific of thyssenkrupp Singapore Pte. Ltd.; Kevin Chui, country head of thyssenkrupp Philippines; and Jan Lueder, CEO of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd
The Philippines based on data is considered as the lowest in Asia in terms of manufacturing at is accounts just a fifth of the Philippine economy, but the government under Pres. Rody Duterte aims to implement an industrialization program to keep with Asian neighbors.

The German company Thyssenkrupp can become the partner of Philippine companies in building their production facilities particularly in the sector of cement petrochemicals, renewable energy, fertilizers, sugar, automotive and manufacturing.

Source: The Manila Standard

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