Lawyer Explains Why Pres. Duterte Will Never Declare Martial Law

Prominent San Beda lawyer and considered as one of the most avid supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte, Aty. Bruce Rivera shared on his Facebook post the main reasons why Pres. Duterte will NEVER Declare Martial Law as what most Anti-Duterte feared.

According to Atty. Bruce Rivera, only those who are against the Duterte administration who wants to sow the seed of Martial Law, because without the Martial Law issue they will surely fail on their effort to discredit the achievements of Pres. Duterte in a short period of time.

Atty. Rivera noted on his post anyone who think that Pres. Duterte will declare Martial Law is either paranoid has not read the 1987 Constitution, an imbecile or all of the above.

Read the Complete Explanation of Atty. Bruce Rivera:


A prominent figure in the Presidential Social Media Team sent me a screenshot of Yellow supporters lamenting and laughing at my stupidity because I am clueless of what is to come. They were saying that Duterte is preparing for authoritarian rule by setting the scenario for declaring martial law and I do not see it coming. 

And I had to think hard if I really need to make "patol" especially in light of recent events. Guess you know the answer. 

I can honestly say this as a matter of fact: I am very good at playing dumb. I have perfected the art of lowering my intellect to the level of idiot, idiots actually believe they can outsmart me. I love to be underestimated because I love to see the look on their faces when I succeed. I love to be disregarded and snubbed because I relish the idea that I am not conventional. 

But guess what, I have a brain.

Those who think that Duterte will declare Martial Law is either paranoid, has not read the 1987 Constitution, an imbecile or all of the above. 

In the 1935 Constitution, the declaration of Martial Law is a purely executive prerogative. So, Marcos can declare Martial Law and suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus without legislative imprimatur. In short, walang magawa ang Congress. 

The 1987 Constitution is not as liberal. The declaration of Martial Law does not only require legislative imprimatur but also subjected to judicial review. Congress can invalidate the declaration of martial law and if Congress will not do that, the Supreme Court can rule on its validity. 

In short, our Constitution makes it virtually impossible, if not useless to declare Martial Law if ones purpose is to become a dictator because it is subjected to the ultimate checks and balance of BOTH the legislative and the judiciary. 

Which now begs the question, why are the Yellows so afraid that Duterte will declare Martial Law when in fact it is sheer stupidity or an exercise in futility if he declares it under the 1987 Constitution.
So why insist on a Martial Law scenario? Let me be blunt.

Without sowing the fear of Martial Law, many of them will lose their purpose and relevance. And being obsolete is fate worst than martial law. 

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera FB Page

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