DepEd Eyes Salary Increase for Public School Teachers to P39,000 a Month

Good news for all public school teachers, the Department of Education (DepEd) confirmed to the media that they are now looking into the possibility of increasing the public school teachers salary to P39,000.

Secretary Leonor Briones of the Department of Education confirmed through PhilStar that they are now looking into possibilities of fulfilling the promise made by Pres. Rody Duterte during the campaign period.

With the plan salary increase for Public School Teachers a total of P200 billion will be added to the national budget according to DepEd.

The DepEd said that the proposed salary hike of P39,000 per month is being reviewed right now by financial managers to ensure that it would not create a huge gap between the salaries of other government workers.

DepEd Secretary Briones was quoted as saying "My impression during Cabinet meeting is that the President wants to keep his (election) promise...our budget right now is one-third of the entire national budget. And we will be adding 200 billion minimum to be able to fulfill that promise." the DepEd Secretary said.

Once the promise of Pres. Duterte will be fulfilled for public school teachers, the national government will try to ensure also that they will not create a wider gap with the policemen, nurses, clerks, janitors, drivers and so on, so this has to be carefully planned in terms of financial requirements.

Based upon the records of DepED, the starting salary of public school teachers nationwide is at P19,000 per month but may total P23,000 when the benefits or allowances are included.

When compared to other national government workers such as the Policeman who's starting salary is at P14,000 and a nurse's P19,000 salary, the public school teachers are way ahead.

DepEd is also considering the plight of private school teachers when giving out the increase to public school teachers as they cited also the exodus of educators to the public teaching sector. Although the public school teacher's salary is under study, DepEd remains hopeful that it would be done before Pres. Duterte's six-year term which will end in 2022.

Source: PhilStar

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