Sen. Richard Gordon Called Sen. Trillanes as "Sundalong Kanin"

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, Sen. Richard Gordon called Sen. Antonio Trillanes as "Sundalong Kanin," during an ambushed interview with some media. The interview with Sen. Gordon happened after the suspension of the Senate Hearing on EJK.

Watch Sen. Gordon Called Sen. Trillanes "Sundalong Kanin":

Sen. Richard "Dick" Gordon accused Edgar Matobato's handler Sen. Leila De Lima of "material concealment" for not revealing to the public the kidnapping case of Matobato despite the fact that she has the notes of the incident.

Although Sen. De Lima and Sen. Antonio Trillanes proved later that Matobato himself divulged the kidnapping case in his previous appearance based on transcript, the heated arguments between Sen. De Lima and Sen. Gordon turned sour which resulted into Sen. De Lima's walking out from the session hall.

In an interview with some members of the press while inside the vicinity of the Senate building, Sen. Gordon noted that the problems with Sen. Trillanes is that in presenting his case he always conclude particularly in cross-examining the witness.

According to Sen. Gordon he himself experience the kind of tactics used by Sen. Trillanes in the extra-judicial killing (EJK) hearing of the Senate Justice Committee headed by Sen. Gordon with the help of his assistant Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

Sen. Gordon was quoted as saying "Natatawa ako gustong mag-abogado nitong na-train nating na "Sundalong Kanin," he said but added also an apology for his statements against Sen. Trillanes.


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