China Pledges More Aid to the Philippines After the Mega Rehab Project

The national government of China pledges more aid to the Philippines after the initial success of Mega Rehabilitation Project donated by a private individuals to the Philippines as a sign of support of Pres. Rody Duterte's campaign against illegal drugs. According to Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Ambassador Zhao Jianhuan, China and the Philippines are one in fighting a common enemy.

Chinese Ambassador Zhao, who appeared on media interviews revealed during a media forum in Quezon that a Chinese businessman was financing  120,000-square meter or 12-hectare drug rehabilitation center in the Philippines in a location not yet identified by the donor.

The announcement of another donation to the Duterte administration was made after Chinese businessman Huwang Lu Run donated the Mega Rehab Center in Nueva Ecija, whic is expected to be operational next month. The facility in Nueva Ecija was even claimed by some supporters of former Pres. Aquino as one of the previous admin's projects but it was already debunked by some supporters of Duterte.

Ambassador Zhao also admitted that he was aware that many Chinese drug lords have operating in the Philippines although some of them were already convicted, other still have pending cases. The Chinese Ambassdor was quoted as saying "The Chinese government is ready to cooperate and bring them to justice. So there is no thing as China trying to hide them or the drug lords…. Illegal drugs are our common enemies."

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is scheduled to visit China this coming October 18-21, in what considered to be the country's largest delegation for a state visit as hundreds of Filipino-Chinese businessmen promised to join the delegation. One of Pres. Duterte's itineray is his scheduled tour to a rehab facility in China as revealed by Pres. Duterte.

China has been consistent in expressing its support for Pres. Rody Duterte's war on drugs, which is contrary to what it's rival superpower, the US  is doing in the Philippines. The United States has criticized the Philippines anti-drug campaign maybe because of the negative news presented by various news media organization in the country who focused mostly on the number of deaths in the Philippines and not on the real safety improvements under Pres. Duterte.

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