PNP Reveals Links Between Kerwin Espinosa with Gen. Garbo & Loot

A newly released information from the intelligence community of the Philippine National Police stated that there is a common link between suspected drug personality Rolan "Kerwin" Espinosa and the two alleged generals who were involved in drug trades in the country.

The father and son tandem of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa and his son Kerwin were mentioned in an intelligence report tahtlinks them to retired generals Vicente Loot and Marcelino Garbo.

Based upon the intelligence report dated May 31, 2016, a month before Duterte’s assumption into office, the “Kerwin Espinosa Drug Syndicate Group” was identified as one of the priority targets in the war on illegal drugs as declared by the then incoming president.

The documents revealed that Kerwin Espinosa was recruited as a police asset during the time of Gen. Loot as Read of the Regional Anti-Narcotics Unit (RANU) in Region 7.

The intel reports also noted that Kerwin remained an asset of the PRO& when Gen. Loot was promoted as its director for personnel while Gen. Garbo was assigned as its chief of staff.

“Shared asset nina Garbo at Loot si Kerwin sa PRO7. Alam ng lahat ng nasa region yan,” the source said.

From PRO7’s chief of staff, Garbo was promoted as Deputy Regional Director for Operations (DRDO). As such, he assumed direct supervision of the RAID-Special Operations Task Force. Kerwin was among those retained as an asset in Garbo’s office—a “fixture” according the police source.

The links between Kerwin, Loot and Garbo was stopped when Garbo meets "Jaguar" Diaz and during that time Garbo became DRDO for Region 7. The links between Jaguar and Garbo led to a change of assignment for Kerwin.

Kerwin Espinosa was tasked to expand his operations to Region 8 or the entire Eastern Visayas Region. Instead of ending his links with Garbo and Loot, Kerwin strenghthened his connections with the alleged PNP protectors.
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