Robin Padilla's Commercial for Mayor Duterte (Walang Bayad) Went Viral

The Philippines highly recognized action star and TV host Robin Padilla, an avid Duterte supporter posted released a commercial endorsing Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President. In the said commercial video, Robin Padilla urged his fellow celebrities to come out and voice their support to Mayor Duterte but the most important thing of all, the actor did it for FREE.

Watch Robin Padilla's FREE Commercial for Mayor Duterte:

Robin Padilla revealed on his latest endorsement of Mayor Duterte that he was not being paid for doing so, as he noted further that even Mayor Duterte don't accept any payment for his love of the Philippines.

The 46-year-old Robin Padilla noted that if you love your country, the Philippines, endorsing Mayor Duterte's candidacy should be given for free, in that way you have already shown your patriotism because the mayor is the country's last card for a better Philippines.

Robin Padilla also defended Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on his latest blunder involving the sensationalized Australian kidnapping incident which was reported by bias media who did not mention the heroism made by Duterte but his mistakes in a speech.

According to Robin Padilla "it's time to get real," and added the following message on his official Instagram account "Dahil sa kwento na narinig mo mula sa paninira ng mga walang kwenta ay Ibig Mo ng maging PANGULO ang isang PINO ngunit SINUNGALING at NGANGA sa problema kaysa sa isang SIGA ngunit DIRETSO at TUMATAPOS ng problema?" Robin Padilla stated.

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