DuterteSerye: Maj. Gen. Romeo Poquiz Reveals Why Mayor Duterte is a "Real Patriot"

Retired Major General Romeo Poquiz of the Philippine Air Force, Armed Forces of the Philippines posted a long open letter intended for a certain anti-Duterte Facebook user, Mr. Adrian Sanchez. The original Facebook open letter of Maj. Gen. Poquiz went viral on social media although it was posted as early as October 8, 2015.

According to the retired Air Force General, those who are accusing Mayor Rody Duterte as a traitor because of his unusual dealings with the insurgent group New People's Army (NPA) don't know the real meaning of a real patriot. His open letter was intended to a certain Facebook user who kept on attacking Mayor Rody Duterte on social media.

A certain Mr. Adrian Sanchez accused Mayor Duterte of being a traitor for helping the NPA and also accused Major Gen. Romeo Poquiz of empowering and singing praises for the mayor despite the fact that Mayor Duterte allegely strengthens the men who were trying to kill the PAF officer.

In fairness to the FB user who keeps on attacking Mayor Duterte, Maj. Gen. Poquiz revealed that the information gathered against Mayor Rody Duterte was based on lies because the report made by Gen. Matillano and Jun Alcover were not true and if it is true, why is it that they don't file a case against Mayor Duterte.

Here's the Complete MyDuterteStory of Maj. Gen. Poquiz:
Mr. Adrian Sanchez,

I forgive you for your arrogant language. Worse, you even portray yourself as an all-knowing patriot yet you obviously have a very poor grasp of the real situations on the ground.

You accused Mr Duterte of being a traitor for helping the NPA. You also accused me of empowering him and singing praises for him despite the fact that he strengthens the men who are trying to kill me. Anyway, in the interest of fairness, let me respond to these accusations.
Yes, I am a military man. I spent the best 37 and a half years in my life in the service of our country. Yes, I am a Huey Pilot. Yes, I got shot at by the NPA - many times in fact, in countless counter-insurgency operations all over the country. Yes, I faced dangers every time I delivered troops, rescued or resupplied them.

For your information, I was not only a pilot who performed air operations. I also performed ground counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations as then Commander of the Air Force Special Operations Group, Special Operations Wing and Combat Group.

It was in my stint at the Combat Group where we fought tooth and nail against the NPA, where I lost a few men and the wounding of others. We also killed many of them and dismantled their guerilla fronts.

You accused Mr Duterte of treason for giving aid and comfort to the enemy, based on the alleged intelligence reports in 2010 of a General Matillano and a Jun Alcover. If those were true, why did they not file cases in court?

Truth be told, there are many politicians who support the NPA. It is just that it is only Mr Duterte who has the balls to admit it, even publicly at that. In fact, he said that he does not only coddle the NPA, he also feeds them - just as he had coddled and fed other rebels, be they soldiers, MNLF or MILF.

He is compassionate to fellow Filipinos who fight for a cause but merciless to the criminals whose motivations are pure greed and personal gains. This I have to tell you - if I was not a soldier and was placed in his shoes, I would have done the same.

The greatest misfortune of soldiers is that they have to enforce state policies and protect the government despite realizing how bankrupt the government and the entire political system have become. Soldiers must perform their mandates, nonetheless, and fight with arms those who use arms to impose their will against the government.

However, in doing our jobs, we also use reason and compassion in dealing with the rebels, be they NPA, MNLF or MILF. After all, they are fellow Filipinos, who might have been lured to rebellion as a last resort.

To cite an example, in one of our bloody encounters with the NPAs, I ordered the immediate evacuation to the nearest hospital of 2 wounded NPA guerillas and paid for their medication, despite them causing the wounding twice of my Team Leader, an Officer, in that encounter. We could have just finished them off but we did not. I even visited them in their jails after their discharge from the hospital.

On your accusation on me singing praises of Duterte. Yes, I sing praises for him, and, I’m sure this will enrage you even more - I am not even close to him. We only met once, very briefly at that. I am not even sure if he remembers me. We met when he went to Tacloban on Day 2 after Yolanda, where he, with his search and rescue team, attended to the victims and donated truckloads of relief goods and money in the form of checks – one for the City of Tacloban and another one for the Province of Leyte. This is another plus for the man.

His help was not based on political lines, unlike some leaders involved in the response, but out of compassion to all who were needy and unfortunate. I saw him shed tears when he saw the dead strewn along the roads, bridges and rooftops and dazed and injured people walking like zombies begging for food and water while looking for their missing family and loved ones. If this is not pure compassion, then I don’t know what is.

I don’t only sing praises for him. I also want him to be the leader of this country. Among many others, I want him to be President so that this 46 years old communist insurgency will be once and for all solved.

Don’t you know that the AFP has tried all possible strategies, using the best minds, in trying to end this the only remaining communist insurgency problem in this part of the world? We had All-Out War; Search and Destroy; “Special Operations” and all sorts of Security Plans, OPLANS, Campaign Plans, etc, yet, the insurgency persisted up to this time.

Our country and people have suffered long enough because of this insurgency. It is time to try a completely different option - that is, Duterte. The advantage of this option is that Duterte is highly respected by both the AFP and the NPA.

Despite the unfounded fears of some and the Red-scare tactics thrown at him by people like you - if he becomes the leader of this country, his track record, his integrity, honesty, sincerity, compassion and his firm leadership to address the root causes of the insurgency, I firmly believe, will eventually convince the Reds to finally come down from the hills, lay down their arms, return to the fold of the law and rejoin the mainstream of society.

Please do not be lured into thinking that I and many other military officers, including Generals, are so naïve and stupid as to even put our trust in him just like that. If ever he becomes President, I do not have problems if former NPA rebels are integrated into the AFP just like the then MNLF. However, if he breaks our trust in him and makes this country under a communist system or delivers it to them, Patriots, (not your kind) will rise up and defy him. If that happens, I, myself, will even volunteer to be the one to put the bullet in his head.

Take a good sleep, Mr Adrian Sanchez, although that is not even your real name. You have nothing to fear of Mr Duterte. Despite your harsh words on him, he will even love you and protect you - just do not ever commit the mistake of committing a crime and engaging in corruption, even as a private citizen.

Source: Maj. Gen. Romeo Poquiz, PAF, AFP – Ret.

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