Atty. Rivera Expose: How Survey Firms Manipulates Results to Allegedly Favor Grace Poe

A recent expose revealing how survey firms manipulates the results of the election surveys to allegedly favor Sen. Grace Poe is currently making the rounds online after it was posted by one of Mayor Duterte's avid supporter, Atty. Bruce Rivera. According to the San Beda lawyer, one of his follower shared how survey results are manipulated in the province.

Based upon the expose of Atty. Rivera's follower on Facebook, the survey company had some systematic ways of manipulating the survey results as they tried to influence the decision of their subjects.

First, the enumerator requested for a female respondent in the household to answer the survey which allegedly followed a pattern. According to the mole or the man who made the expose, it was his male cousin who entertained the enumerator but since his wife was not home, he was forced to look for another female in the house.

The enumerator will then asked the female respondent who is her preferred presidential candidate? When the respondent replied Duterte, the enumerator will ask again, "Are you sure? The enumeratorthen showed the respondent a Grace Poe ad with Susan Roces. After showing the ad, the enumerator asked the respondent for the second time, Who is your preferred presidential candidate? Still the respondent answered Duterte.

The mole revealed further that the wife of his cousin is active on social media, so that explains why the entire clan is well-informed about the candidates and they are rooting for Mayor Duterte. The mole came from Davao and during that time he visited his relatives in Lantapan Bukidnon where the survey was conducted.

Here's the Complete Statement of the Mole's Revelations:


Hi atty. I'm (name withheld) from davao. Visited our relatives yesterday in Lantapan, Bukidnon. My cousin (name withheld) shared that (survey company) enumerators visited them for a survey. Si Joel ang first nag entertain but the enumerator asked for any woman in the house kay they are following a pattern.

The wife is not around so brother called his sister Aiza. 1st question daw is "kinsa imo presidente? Siempre she answered Duterte. The enumerator answered back, Are you sure? Then showed Aiza a Grace Poe add w/ Susan Roces. After showing the add, asked Aiza again kung kinsa iya President. Still she answered Duterte.

Maayo ra si Matet kay connected sa social media ug our whole clan is rooting for Duterte. This is just 1 case but i think this is what they have been doing to make mrs. Llamazares lead in sws & pulse asia survey. I will get my cousin's contact number so you can verify. Thanks

Bruce V. Rivera, and now DU30 leads bigtime. Hope this is not a ploy for the campaign to be complacent.

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera FB Page
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