Duterte Receives a P2-Million Worth of Wristwatch from Supporters

Former President and now ordinary citizen Rody Duterte received a surprise gift from his followers, an expensive wristwatch worth around P2-million based on estimates. The group headed by Krizette Chu and Press Secretary Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles also handed over a cheque worth P5 million to be given to House of Hope Foundation. 

A viral video featuring citizen Duterte receiving his precious gift from his followers is now making the rounds on social media. The gestures of giving back to the President was received gratefully by the man they call right now as citizen Digong.

Last July 18, 2022 veteran lawyer and newly-appointed Press Secretary, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles shared a video which went viral immediately after it was posted on social media. 

Aside from Press Secretary Trixie Angeles also present during the said surprise gift-giving activities to Pres. Duterte were prominent bloggers and social media warriors of the former President, namely Krizette Laureta Chu and Mark Lopez to name a few. 

During the last few weeks, some social media warriors of Duterte took the initiative to make a crowd-funding activities headed by Krizette Laureta-Chu. Around $140,000 or P7,886,200 generated from the said crowd-funding activities participated mostly by OFWs and well-off defenders of Pres. Duterte on social media. 

During the time that the crowd-funding was posted on social media, some critics, particularly Raissa Robles dubbed it as an illegal activity but the supporters of the President could not be stop from helping the said crowdfunding. 

Base on the latest statement on social media, Press Secretary Atty. Trixie, they gave the expensivee Breguet Classique Day Date Moonphase 7337BB/Y5/9VU worth around P1.9 Million to P2 Million based on various websites. 

Pres. Duterte who is now known as citizen Duterte was so grateful with the unexpected gift from his followers as he was quoted as saying "I do not have a way of knowing who the persons who contributed to buy this watch for me. But I just, I would just like to say that dumating ito sa akin because of my, maybe my work as president," the President.

"So, I'd like to thank the Filipino people for making me president and for those guys who think that I should be rewarded for something material to remember by my days nung naging president ako." the President added.

The former Mayor of Davao City who went on to become one of the most popular and successful President in the history of the Philippines promised to it wear the said expensive watch during important occasions. 

He will not wear the said watch during his daily routine like when the time he will be riding with his motorcycle. 

Aside from the expensive watch the group of Atty. Trixie and Krizette Laureta Chu also handed over a cheque to the former President, worth P5 million as donations of the group to the House of Hope Foundation, one of the institution frequently visited by Mayor Rody Duterte. 

Watch the Video of Pres. Duterte:

Source: Krizette Chu FB Page

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