VP Leni's Latest Billboards Draws Flak from Netizens

Presidential bet and opposition leader VP Leni Robredo made some headlines anew on social media after her latest billboards featuring construction workers went viral online. 

VP Leni's latest billboard showing her muscles as a construction workers caught the attentions of netizens and became the latest talked of the town, particularly when a veteran DDS blogger called out VP Leni and asked her to fire her PR Team for their latest gaffe. 

According to Sass Rogando Sasot, VP Leni should at least fire her PR team for her latest billboard, as a sign of good gestures towards the Vice President. 

Sasot told VP Leni to "Fire your PR team. Everyone of them. Fire them NOW! Tapos sampalin mo sa esophagus. This is just so wrong. The cardinal rule is: There must be truth in advertising."

Sasot also told VP Leni that her PR team made her look like a mascot, for allegedly flexing her muscles and the most important thing is the facts about the said construction worker billboard.

The billboard says, "Construction workers for Leni, but there is no construction workers in the billboard, because it has only VP Leni itself.

Here's the Complete Statement of Sass Rogando Sasot:

Leni girl. I am saying this as a Good Samaritan. Fire your PR team. Everyone of them. Fire them NOW! Tapos sampalin mo sa esophagus. This is just so wrong. The cardinal rule is: There must be truth in advertising.

Una: ginagawa Ka na Lang nilang mascot. Really, nagfeflex Ka Ng ganyan? Eh teh, Hindi ka nga mukhang nag-g-gym. It's only Jollibee who could get away by being a bee na kulay pula.

Ikalawa: and this is the most important. The billboard says, "Construction Workers for Leni." Asaan ang mga construction workers sa billboard??? Sila ang subject hindi ikaw. Kahit kasama mo man sila. Pero NO, the billboard only has you...a you that is NOT believable because refer to point 1. Construction workers para Kay Leni Pero ikaw Rin and construction worker???

Another fellow DDS also added some thoughts on the controversial billboard made by the PR Team of VP Leni. Krizette Chu added that the symbol is allegedly stolen from the idea of Rosie the Riveter. 

Krizette Chu stated "Also, that symbol is again ninakaw from the idea of Rosie the Riveter. SHUTA am bobo ng PR nya. Leni couldn’t be further from the idea of Rosie. The original idea of the poster was to push women to support the war by going to work in factories for the defense industry, as their men fought in the battlefield. E di ba ayaw ni Mama nyo Leni ang war kuno? Whwther against drug lords or NPAs?

Eh ayaw na ayaw ng mga Kakampink Pag gumagastos tayo ng mga for warfare di ba?

Mga shunga.

Netizens also joined the conversation as they shared their sentiments and takes on the latest social media gaffee from the camp of the Vice President. 

Read Some of the Comments Against VP Leni:

Walter Rosal: I think tama naman yung billboard, just needs a few tweaks:

“Mama Lemme: Destruction Worker.”

You can thank me later.

Marlo Lozada: She cannot fire them because she is not the one who hired them.

Lelly de Asis: Part of the dilawan curse… more blunders that they themselves cannot comprehend…

We see it as soooo wrong… they see their work as magnifique!

Mae Shimang: Duterte won because of his works not by mouth.leni should do the same.you have 6 years to prove that you're capable,but you just wasted your time in socmed making you the laughing stock of the country.

Carina Vercelos: FYI: Have you guys ever heard of Rosie the Riveter? Inspired ang picture na ito from the american icon during WW2 where women did revits and other arsenal while men fought during the war.This symbol with a clenched fist signifies a woman's strength despite adversity!!!

Elle Des Ma: It's a divisive statement..but again, let them do it, their goal is to put her in the bottom of the survey anyway...road to "kapierdehan" na yan!

Vic Burgos: Construction workers only earn minimum wage per day. And where did they get the money in putting that billboard? It's unbelievable, ang hand to mouth workers ipagawa pa ng billboard ni Aleng Leni.

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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