Gov. Remulla Stood Firm on Pronouncement that BBM's Presidency is Destiny

Cavite Governor Junvic Remulla stood firm on his earlier pronouncement that the 2022 Presidency is indeed Sen. Bongbong Marcos' Destiny. The statement of the Governor came out after the results of a survey conducted in the Province wherein BBM dominated the surveys proving once and for all that if elections will be held today, he will surely be a runaway winner. 

Despite the controversy surrounding the pronouncement made by the Governor, nobody can stop him from doing so. The governor also stated that he will never say sorry to somebody or any groups affected by his statement favoring a Marcos Presidency. 

Right after the prounouncement made by Gov. Remulla, regarding his vision for a Marcos Presidency in 2022, he was bombarded with negative attacks initiated by the supporters of VP Leni Robredo on social media. 

In the latest post of Gov. Junvic Remulla on social media, he admitted that he is aware with the negative comments and the bashing he received on various social media platforms, despite all that he will still defend his statement and stood firm of what he foresees in the future. 

Gov. Junvic posted "Maraming letga sa huling post ko kung saan sinulat ko na mananalo si BBM sa Cavite."

“Maraming letga sa aking pananaw na ginuhit ng tadhana na maging Pangulo si BBM.”

“Maraming letga sa aking impresyon na panahon na ni BBM bilang susunod na lider ng bansa.”

“To all those who reacted (special mention to the first time visitors of the page who dropped by just to make their feelings known), let me make one thing clear: I am owning up to my words. I will never apologize to anyone for what I wrote or what I believe is the most likely outcome.”

“Bilang isang pinuno, mabuting marinig at malaman ko lahat ng panig sa diskursong pulitika.”

“I welcome hearing all sides – even with the extreme emotions and expletives.

“It only proves one thing: We all care about our country.”

“Sa galit at gayak pa lang ay nakikita ko na marami pa rin ang nagmamahal sa bansa,” Remulla said. 

Despite all the backlash Gov. Junvic received from the supporters of VP Leni, he stood firm and showed how grateful he is for their feedback. 

“To everyone, thank you very much for the feedback. It gives me a great sense of hope that our love for the country remains steadfast and the virtues we want in our leaders are precise and clear.”

“Let the final arbiter be the people.”

“Meanwhile, everyone is free to choose sides.”

“Let’s choose the issues that matter. Most importantly, let us choose our leaders wisely.”

“Every vote counts. For every vote is a win for our democracy. It’s a win for our future.”

Source: Balita

Gov. Remulla Stood Firm on Pronouncement that BBM's Presidency is Destiny Gov. Remulla Stood Firm on Pronouncement that BBM's Presidency is Destiny Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 21, 2022 Rating: 5
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