Pia Magalona Asks Apple CEO Tim Cook To Give Donations Directly to VP Leni

Tim Cook the successor of technology icon Steve Jobs, and the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple Inc., announced through his official Twitter account that he will be donating for the Philippines which was ravaged by super typhoon Rai. 

The announcement made by the Apple CEO caught the attentions of various social media personalities, particularly some supporters of VP Leni Robredo on Twitter. 

A few days ago Tim Cook tweeted the following: "Typhoon Rai has caused so much devastation in the Philippines and Malaysia - so many families have lost so much. Apple will be contributing to relief, recovery, and longer-term rebuilding efforts. #OdettePH"

The tweet of Tim Cook went viral on social media particularly those supporters of VP Leni Robredo who frequently took part in Twitter for their massive information drive to promote the presidential candidate of VP Leni. 

One of the prominent celebrity who responded to the tweet made by Tim Cook was no other than the wife of the late rapper Francis Magalona, the beautiful Pia Magalona who urged Tim Cook to send directly her offer of help to the Office of the Vice President. 

Pia Magalona responded to Tim Cook's tweet by saying "Pls make sure you sent it straight to the Office of the Vice President to be sure it gets to those affected by #OdettePH, Thank You!"

Aside from Pia Magalona, there are other netizens who urged the Apple CEO to send his donations directly to the OVP under VP Leni Robredo. 

Joe Valerio: "please don't coordinate with any phil nat'l gov't. official/dept. except for the office of the vice president.. Thank you so much for your help and concern..."

Ana B: Pls send in you donations to the OVP Leni Robredo. Rest assured that your donations will go to those affected by OdettePH 100%. She is not corrupt as consistently cleared by COA. She is very competent that she can maximize your donation and has a heart for the poor."

Meanwhile, Presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao also stated that he could help Apple CEO Tim Cook in distributing his aid for the Philippines.

Sen. Manny Pacqiao was quoted as saying "Thank you for hellping our country. If there is anything our team here in the Philippines can do to help you on the ground, we are at your disposal," Sen. Manny Pacquiao stated. 

Source: Twitter

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