Doctor Claims Marcos Camp Offered P30 Million to Support BBM

A veteran doctor from Mindanao identified as Dr. Roel Cagape, an avid supporter of VP Leni, claimed on his latest social media that the Marcos camp allegedly offered him P30 million to support BBM but he refused. 

According to Dr. Cagape he felt dismayed with the show of support from his fellow kababayans in General Santos who are supporting Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte. 

Dr. Cagape even made an explosive expose regarding the alleged offer to him by the Marcos camp to side with them by giving him at least P30,000,000.00 in exchange for his support. 

Although the doctor did not reveal further why he was offered with such a huge amount of money just to support BBM, supporters of VP Leni keeps on spreading the revelations made by the doctor from Mindanao. 

Netizens even wondered why such a huge amount of money was involved offering millions of pesos to a Leni supporter in exchange for supporting BBM. 

Dr. Roel Cagape on his part is a well-known personality in his province as someone who helped the community in doing various medical missions to poor communities in the area. 

Some netizens also challenge Dr. Cagape to reveal the name of the person who offered him millions of pesos in exchange for his support to BBM. 

Facebook user Sen B Man asked "n extraordinary claim demands extraordinary evidence. So where is your proof of the offer. This claim is at least irrelevant and for publicity only and at most libelous. Choose your words."

Netizens who are close to the doctor also revealed that during the past few weeks, the doctor provided some helped to his patients by offering free clinic, check-up, medicines, ukay-ukay, bigas, de lata, toothbrush, sabon and many other household items for his patients who will be supporting the candidacy of VP Leni Robredo as the country's incoming President. 

Read Some of the Comments Posted Against Dr. Roel:

Flordelisa Asuncion: In politics there's no such reality kung sa hearsay lng pinagsasabi. Show up your evidence to support your claim. Dr.

Eulisses Regio: And who the hell are you para alukin ka ng 30 million pesos ha ha ha ha..

Nonoy Lanza: Madami talagang mga ugok na professionals ang gumagawa ng mga propagandies madumihan lng pangalan ni BBM tulad lng ng mga medical professionals na ito dahil gusto nila ang kakampink

Jenny Musa: Haysss d sbhin nya un name nag alok s knya.. impossible tlga aalokin xa poz d nya kilala un tao or NG mga Tao NG alok s knya?

Zurbano Revna: kahit siya pa ang magbigay sa amin ng kunsumo araw araw di ko pa din siya ibubuto.wala siya sa puso iyo na yong panglibre niya doc.baka kailangan nyo.wag kayo manira ng kapwa para lang manalo.lumaban kayo ng patas sabihin mo kay leni.30M inalok sayo ni bbm?at tinanggihan mo?jusko po bat ka inalok ng ganyan kalaki,para saan?sa tingin nyo maniwala kami?

Source: Facebook 

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