Ping Lacson's "Welcome to China SMS" Story Draws Flak from Netizens

Presidential bet and veteran lawmaker, Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson made some headlines on social media after his controversial "Welcome to China SMS" story became the talk of the town during the past few days. 

But instead of getting positive response from netizens, the senator draws flak from prominent blogger and veteran radio host Mark Lopez who slammed the Presidential aspirant for making a controversial comment on SMS received as soon as their plane touched down in Pagasa Island in the Kalayaan Group or in the Spratlys. 

According to Ping Lacson, he found it really unusual after his companion received a text allegedly came from China upon entering the Pagasa Island. He also told reporters that a few days before his visit to Pagasa island, the two Philippine supply vessels were blocked and were met with high pressure water cannons by at least three Chinese Coast Guard vessels. 

The post made by Lacson draws flak on social media as Mark Lopez quipped that Lacson is indeed in a very difficult situation, especially that he is an irrelevant candidate for the presidency. 

Sen. Lacson according to Lopez needed to make a twiste story just to get the media mileage and score a point not only on social media but also from the mainstream media. 

However, Mark Lopez pointed out Lacson's problem - he is a sweet talker with an unflattering reputation. Hence Ping can hard sell his story to the public. 

Read the Brief FB Post of Mark Lopez:

Ang hirap pag irrelevant na kandidato ano?

Kailangan pa gumawa ng twisted na story para magpapansin at makapuntos. 

Ang problema eh bukayo na nanloloko. 

Ikaw talaga Ping...

Mark Lopez' recent statement against Ping Lacson was also part of his reactions to veteran author Bobi Tiglao's criticisms against Lacson who previously pulverized the presidential bet for his "Welcome to China text" story. 

Some netizens also joined Tiglao and Lopez in castigating Ping Lacson's controversial welcome to China text story. 

Here's Some of the Comments Against Lacson:

Riz Veran: Sa halip na magreklamo ka Sen Ping, magpatayo ka ng cell site dyn sa Pag Asa connecting mainland Palawan para di roaming signal ang masasagap.

Oliver Manapel: Gusto ng relevance at engagement kc nasa puwetan na ng surverys.

Ralphwaldo Mendoza:  Hmmmn. Mas marami kasing hindi alam na pag malapit ka in the territory masasagap ng mobile fon ang service provider but it doesnt mean na sinakop yan. Antanga tanga pero senador. IT DOES SHOWED HOW IGNORANTE AT MAPANLINLANG ANG IBANG NAKAPWESTO SA ATING GOBYERNO! KAYA SA 2022 IBASURA YANG GANYANG KANDIDATO!

Cindy Dimal: Shame on you Ping. Nagmamarunong ka kasi.
Research first bago magkalat.

Roland Morales: Normal po na makakasagap ka ng malapit na signal ang phone mo kapag open line yan. Dito din sa saudi kapag malapit na sa bhahrain kahit nasa saudi pa, masasagap na nag signal sa bhahrain.

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

Ping Lacson's "Welcome to China SMS" Story Draws Flak from Netizens Ping Lacson's "Welcome to China SMS" Story Draws Flak from Netizens Reviewed by Phil Newsome on November 24, 2021 Rating: 5
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