Atty. Darwin Dismantles Pinklawan Narrative They Represent the Good in PH Politics

Veteran lawyer and prominent supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte, Atty. Darwin Canete dismantled the narrative of the Pinklawans that they represent the good in good vs. evil fight in Philippine politics. 

During the past few weeks the supporters of VP Leni Robredo and Kiko Pangilinan as well as her party represents the good in the controversial good vs. evil war in Philippine politics and like in the movies, the good will eventually triump over evil in the 2022 polls. 

The self-confessed lawyer and a known anti-Dilawan supporter whose hobby is dissing the Dilawan politicians and supporters during his free time is at again and found a hole in the Dilawan narrative that they represent the good while the rest or the Marcos and Duterte supporters represent the evil forces in Philippine politics. 

Atty. Darwin explained that VP Leni's senatorial slate is indeed already a red flag because of the presence of Trillanes and Binay. As far as we can remeber Trillanes made it his mission before the 2016 election to obliterate Binay's chances in the Presidential election by accusing Binay of corruption and much worse. Either way, the two gentlemen is either a liar or a thief. 

The veteran lawyer also took a jab at VP Leni Robredo for her inability to take a stand on the issue of corruption. He also poked the Dilawan supporters for their silence and refusal to call out Robredo for that inconsistency. 

This clearly shows according to the prosecutor that the Dilawans are not against corruption or transparency but are simply anti-Duterte. Atty. Darwin ended the brief Facebook post by arriving with the conclusion that at heart, the Dilawans/Pinklawans have actually no morals, no principles and certainly not decent. 

Read Some of the Comments and Reactions on Atty. Cañete:

Ben Kawi: Disunity in her slate? How to explain this?

Maria Kayumanggi: Rason nila diyan eh, "unity" at "healer" to look beyond individual differences and willingness to find a common ground in order to fight an enemy who is a bigger evil chararat.

Juju Carlos: Alam nyo naman ang magkapatid, nag-aaway at nagbabati. Dahil kapatid ng magnanakaw ang sinungaling di ba?

Johnny Valiente:  I never heard Trillanes since the filing of CoC. No more lies to fabricate. He silence the good performance and accomplishment of the President

Source: Atty. Darwin FB Page

Atty. Darwin Dismantles Pinklawan Narrative They Represent the Good in PH Politics Atty. Darwin Dismantles Pinklawan Narrative They Represent the Good in PH Politics Reviewed by Phil Newsome on November 30, 2021 Rating: 5
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